The Absolute Best Way To Store Crepes So They Don't Stick Together

A good stack of crepes is a breakfast classic for a reason: Whether you like them sweet with custard and fruit, or savory with meats and veggies, the crepe is there for you to dress up any way you'd like it. Flatter than a pancake, but just as delicious, the crepe was invented in France and gets its name from the old French word "crespe" which, if you trace back to it roots, means "curled" (via The Original Pancake House). The crepe was bestowed its name because the thin bread is traditionally served rolled or "curled" up around its filling.

Crepes are still popular in western Europe and many shops are dedicated solely to crepe production. But if you live in a part of the world that doesn't value the crepe as much as you do, don't worry: Just like pancakes, they are super easy to make from scratch at home.

Grab a roll of parchment paper

If every time you make a batch of crepes, you eat them all, good for you — you don't have to worry about storing the leftovers. But if you've ever had to tuck a handful away in the refrigerator, you'd know that they tend to stick together. Crepes that stick together unfortunately are difficult to enjoy later. If you try to remove one from the pile, it is likely to rip. One of the ways to stop this is by taking preventative steps before you even put the crepes in the refrigerator.

If you are planning on storing your crepes in the fridge, Real Simple suggests placing parchment paper between each crepe to separate them. This will help them peel away from each other when you are ready to use them without damaging the thin layers. If you are planning on freezing the crepes, use the same process but then tightly seal the stack with plastic wrap (via WiniMoranville). You can then defrost the crepes in the refrigerator or out on the counter when you are ready to use them again.