The Simple Trick To Turn A Frozen Pizza Into Dinners For One

For a lot of folks, there's no such thing as a bad pizza — and that includes frozen pizza. On days when you don't feel like cooking or are strapped for time, heating up some frozen pizza is a convenient way of getting a quick, tasty dinner.

Portioning and storing a whole pan is a conundrum for those who live alone, however, since it would take more than one meal for a person to finish everything. Per the USDA Food Safety Guidelines, it's safe to refreeze unused portions of cooked food, but repeatedly thawing, heating, and refreezing pizza isn't just bothersome; it also diminishes the flavor and texture. Plus, you have only a two-hour window for putting uneaten food back in the refrigerator before it's unsafe for consumption.

A solution is to slice your frozen pizza before putting it in the oven. Even more convenient, cut it up into individual servings while still frozen so you thaw and heat a specific number of slices every time. Seems like a no-brainer, but the obviousness and simplicity of this hack make people skip it. The next time you stock up on frozen pizza, thaw them slightly and portion them into individual slices. A sharp knife (or pizza cutter) will make the work clean and quick. Rearrange the toppings, too, before cutting so pepperoni rounds, ham slices, and other fixings remain whole and properly distributed per slice. Wrap the slices individually in wax paper and store them in the freezer in an air-tight container.

Some extra prep will make your frozen pizza slices as good as fresh ones

It requires a little foresight but fridge-thawing your pizza slices a few hours before putting them in the oven results in a crisper crust. If you're heating only a couple of slices, you can forego the oven and use a big enough skillet with a lid instead. The lid (a foil cover will also do) is crucial in trapping the heat that would soften the pizza without making it soggy. Placing a few drops of water in the pan right beside the slice will also add steam. Heat your pizza on medium heat on a stovetop for a few minutes, and watch the slice end up with a soft yet crispy crust.

To elevate your solo frozen pizza dinner, consider spreading some butter on the crust and sprinkling your choice of seasoning on it before placing the slice in the skillet or the oven. Add more toppings, too, for extra flavors and textures. If you're adding crunchy veggies, cooked protein, fresh herbs, and more cheese, it's best to add them after cooking your pizza so the heat doesn't alter their tastes and textures. You can even whip up a quick and simple salad and top your pizza with it for a fresher-tasting, healthier meal.