Give Your Buttermilk Biscuits A Uniquely Sweet Boost With Corn

Buttermilk biscuits — especially homemade ones — are the hearty, savory, and fulfilling pastries you sometimes need to hit the spot. But what if you're craving a pastry that has sweetness as well as the savory factor? Tasting Table recipe developer Jessica Morone has just the right thing: buttermilk sweet corn biscuits.

Sweet corn is integrated into the biscuits to give them the subtle sweetness they're lacking on their own. Essentially, this recipe is a mix between cornbread and traditional biscuits — so if you like both of those foods, you're going to love these sweet corn biscuits. Plus, the corn addition couldn't be easier; you simply add the corn right into the mixture — you could even use canned corn if you want to make the process easier (as long as you properly drain it).

"They are savory but a little sweet," Morone said of her biscuits. "They are incredibly tasty."

How to serve the buttermilk sweet corn biscuits

With these biscuits, the simplest serving option is also a delicious one: Fresh and hot out of the oven, with butter. To add just a little more sweetness to the biscuits with butter, you could drizzle honey over the top — or, for something with a little more kick, hot honey. Another way to bring in more flavor is to reach for a flavored cream cheese. A savory option such as an herb and garlic cream cheese or a sun-dried tomato cream cheese would complement the sweet corn biscuits beautifully. Or, to achieve that extra kick of spice without the hot honey, you can reach for a jalapeño flavor. 

While these biscuits can easily be the star of the show, they also work well as a side dish at dinner. Some dishes to pair them with include pan-fried chicken thighs or white turkey chili.

Finally, these biscuits are also delicious and full of flavor all on their own — especially when hot — so don't be afraid to just dig right in. And if you want to try more than one of these options, the biscuits will keep for up to five days if stored in an airtight container in the fridge.