Use The Wheeled Ring From Your Microwave As A Makeshift Lazy Susan

In a world where repurposing and DIY solutions are becoming ever more popular, sometimes the most ingenious ideas come from the most unexpected places. Take, for instance, the humble wheeled ring from your microwave. You know, the small, unassuming piece with little wheels that keeps the microwave glass plate spinning? It turns out, this simple gadget can be transformed into something surprisingly useful — a makeshift lazy Susan.

The concept of a lazy Susan, traditionally a rotating tray used to easily share dishes at a meal table, has found its place in various aspects of daily life. From organizing spices in a kitchen cupboard and simplifying your cake-decorating process to holding art supplies and organizing tools, this little turntable's utility is undeniable. So if you don't have a lazy Susan, or you're looking for a cost-effective alternative, your answer might just be sitting in your kitchen, quietly doing its job in the microwave.

It's not just about saving money; it's about seeing the potential in everyday objects to solve problems and add convenience to our lives. But how exactly can you transform a microwave ring into a lazy Susan?

Creating your makeshift lazy Susan

The process of converting the wheeled ring from your microwave into a makeshift lazy Susan is surprisingly straightforward and requires minimal materials. The first step is to retrieve the ring from your microwave and select a suitable base. This base will serve as the platform for your items. It could be anything flat and round, like a sturdy plate or a circular wooden board.

Now, place the base on the microwave ring. The ring's wheels should be in contact with the surface on which it rests (e.g., your countertop) allowing it to spin freely. If necessary, you can secure the base to the ring using tape for added stability or simply leave it as is. With your base in place, you're ready to use your new lazy Susan.

For cake decorating, place your cake on the base. As you apply frosting or decorations, gently spin the base. The smooth rotation provided by the microwave ring makes it easy to achieve an even and professional finish on your cake. Similarly, if you're using it to serve party food when you have guests over or to organize your pantry, simply place your items on the base and rotate as needed to easily access everything. It's worth noting that while this makeshift lazy Susan doesn't elevate items as high as some commercial turntables might, its ease of rotation and simplicity make it a valuable tool when in a pinch.