Save Your Fast Food Biscuits For Buttery Breakfast Sandwiches The Next Morning

Do you have leftover biscuits from last night's fast food dinner? Don't be so quick to toss them out or simply eat the extra bread on its own. Instead, use them for breakfast sandwiches. We're all about preventing food waste, so turning those extra biscuits into a breakfast sandwich is a great way to prevent them from being tossed in the trash. This will also get your breakfast on the table (or in a to-go bag for your commuter meal) much faster than making breakfast sandwiches from scratch with toast or homemade biscuits.

It doesn't matter if the biscuits are from Bojangles, Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or your favorite local bakery, the leftover bread is the perfect buttery vessel for any sort of breakfast sandwich. We've got some recipe suggestions, which we'll get into later, but if you want to include eggs on the sandwich, use stainless steel ring molds to make eggs that fit perfectly on the biscuit. You can use this tool for scrambled or easy sunny-side-up eggs. If you still have some fried chicken from last night's dinner, use those leftovers for a hearty chicken biscuit on its own, maybe with a squirt of honey for sweetness or a slice of cheddar cheese for sharpness.

Tips for making breakfast sandwiches with leftover biscuits

You obviously won't have to make biscuits from scratch with this breakfast idea, but there are some tricks for reheating them so you aren't stuck with dry or hard bread. The best way to reheat the leftover buttery bread so it seems fresh out of the oven is to wrap them in foil and heat them at 350 F for around 10 minutes. If you're really in a rush, reheat the biscuits in a microwave in less than a minute — but wrap them in a damp paper towel first so they don't dry out.

For the types of breakfast sandwiches that work well with these biscuits, the topping possibilities are nearly endless as long as they fit on the buttery bread. You can use the ring molds mentioned earlier to make sure the eggs fit on the biscuit, or you can carefully spoon scrambled eggs onto the biscuits. Traditional pork bacon is often the go-to protein for a breakfast sandwich with eggs, but sausage patties or sliced Canadian bacon are good options because they will easily fit between the biscuit halves for a mess-free meal. Do you prefer to skip the meat in the morning? Go with eggs paired with pepper rings, avocado, tomato slices, or just cheese, all of which can be cut to fit the round biscuits.