Dip Ice Cubes In Chocolate For Clever Mini Dessert Cups

Food tastes better when it looks pretty, and dessert is no exception. If you're serving sweet treats for a crowd, whether for a big party or a family get-together, placing your desserts in aesthetically pleasing cups will make them that much more appealing to your guests. So as long as the rest of your ingredients pair well with chocolate (and what doesn't?), try making mini chocolate cups to hold them. Not only will you have to deal with fewer dishes as guests use edible bowls, but you can easily make them into the perfect size so everyone can sample multiple desserts.

All it takes is an ice cube tray and popsicle sticks. After freezing water with a popsicle stick cemented in each cube, you can then dip them in melted chocolate, leaving out the tops of the cubes. When the ice sets and chills the chocolate, you'll be able to slide it out, leaving a solid chocolate bowl in its wake. Then feel free to fill your cups with the bite-size desserts of your choice, whether a scoop of pudding or a mini brownie (or both).

Tips for making chocolate cups with ice

These cute cups can be a little finicky if it's your first time making them, although the results are well worth the effort. Keep in mind that you'll need to drop your cubes in the melted chocolate as soon as you remove them from the tray — wait any longer and the ice will melt, ruining the whole structure of the bowl. As for the chocolate, you want it to be melted and warm enough to stick to the ice, but not so piping hot that it immediately melts your cube. And before you even get there, it's important to melt your chocolate so you're left with a smooth, silky texture. If you go with the old-fashioned method over the stove, whether using a double boiler or just a saucepan over low heat, make sure to stir often. But if you use the microwave, take your bowl out and stir every 30 seconds to avoid a gritty consistency.

While an ice cube tray may be the easiest way to start when making chocolate cups, feel free to branch out. A muffin tin can be used for bowls that hold bigger desserts, and if you don't have popsicle sticks, chopsticks broken in half would also work here. You can also use whichever chocolate type best complements your treat's fillings, whether milk, dark, or white, so you have room to get creative and whip up your favorite tasty combination.