Be An Exceptional Holiday Guest By Gifting The Dish You Bring Food In

At the next holiday party in which you're invited to bring a dish to share, you might want to consider leaving the platter behind. While many guests won't think about leaving crockery or dishware with the host, your thoughtful gift can be appreciated, particularly around the holidays when larger gatherings and comforting recipes demand more plates of food. 

Instead of simply baking your go-to yellow squash casserole recipe in one of your own used dishes, head to the store and buy a brand-new glistening piece that you can fill with your intended culinary creations. The bright designer hues of Le Creuset's cookware sets can bring an instant festive upgrade to any kitchen, and when coupled with a meaningful note, your hosts will be more than pleased to have offered a dinner invitation. After the last bit of food from your platter is scooped up and devoured — and long after your departure — your gift will be treasured.

A dish that keeps on giving

Whether the plate you bring needs to be heated up in the oven or is a salad that can easily be served cold, planning to leave cookware with the hosts can make the end of your night easier. Without having to worry about remembering to pick up your cookery or fighting for space over the sink to rinse your platter, you can sit back and enjoy the evening as it unfolds. 

When shopping for casserole dishes to gift, look for durable pieces that also provide aesthetic value so that your dinner party offering can be displayed without needing to transfer food from one container to the next. Dishes with handles and decorative, colorful accents can liven up food stations and are easy to carry. As the taste of your casserole dish impresses and wins over the palates of the other party attendees, your considerate purchase will leave a much longer-lasting mark upon your hosts the next time they set out to make favorite recipes of their own.