Make A Simple Chili Crisp Compound Butter To Spice Up Meat Dishes

When meat turns out dry and bland, you may scramble around to figure out how to remedy it. Everything from simmering it in broth for a few minutes to give it some moisture or sprinkling some salt and spices on it to try and salvage the taste may work. Yet, if you want to ensure that your meat is always juicy and savory, use chili crisp compound butter.

As a flavorful fat, butter is a surefire path to succulent meat. While the fat alone works wonders, using compound butter gives it moisture while ensuring that it always tastes incredible. Herbs and spices are often the premier choice when making compound butter, but chili crisp brings the heat like no other. Composed of oil, chili, onions, and salt, the condiment provides the perfect base to build on when seasoning food.

Whether you add a splash of lime juice at the end or use your favorite herbs in conjunction with the chili crisp, the condiment is the perfect match for almost anything. Adopt the simple method for making compound butter and place cut-up pieces of butter and a few tablespoons of chili crisp in the food processor and allow them to mix. Scoop it out onto a plastic wrap, bind it into a log shape, and refrigerate the butter for an hour before using.

Use chili crisp compound butter in these meaty recipes

Bring the heat to this Mongolian beef salad dish. While Mongolian beef isn't spicy, you can give it a kick with the chili crisp compound butter. Before marinating the beef with soy sauce and wine, rub it down with the compound butter. The addictive heat of the chili and ginger elevates rich brown sugar. Resting on a bed of romaine, cabbage, carrots, and edamame tossed in a zingy ginger-lime vinaigrette, this dish is the perfect balance of zesty, spicy, and sweet.

Transform the chicken sandwich with a chili crisp chicken breast. After marinating the chicken breast in the spicy compound butter, pan-fry it with butter and some additional chili crisp if you like the extra heat. Mix rice vinegar, honey, soy sauce, and toasted sesame seeds to make a tangy, sweet vinaigrette and toss coleslaw in it. Assemble the coleslaw and chicken in between toasted buns and enjoy with a side of crispy fries.