Add Creamed Corn To Your Pasta For A Decadent And Rich Dish

Creamed corn is one of those love-it or hate-it dishes. Some revile it as slimy, unorganized mush fit only for the infirmed. Others celebrate the absolute symphony of sweet corn essence telegraphed by the creamy and rich (not quite) puree. As with many divisive foodstuffs, the problem likely can be traced to inferior, insipid packaged versions of creamed corn — aka cream-style corn — that don't engender much love. However, homemade creamed corn made with sweet summer corn, rich with butter, and thickened with juice from the cob can be beautiful.

Typically, creamed corn is relegated to being a supporting player, either as a summer side or accompanying a protein, such as grilled chicken, and the good stuff handles these roles with aplomb. We think creamed corn is due for a starring turn — and there is no better platform for it to shine than as a comforting plate of pasta. Think about it: Thickened corn is essentially a sauce already, so why not follow the logic and let its luxurious nature envelope al dente pasta?

Tasting Table recipe developer Taylor Murray created a fantastic creamed corn pasta recipe that uses freshly made creamed corn and punches it up with cream, white wine, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Then, it gets tossed with orecchiette and finished with one of corn's traditional compatriots — fresh basil. It's a simple, vegetarian, weeknight-ready, two-pot meal that can easily feed a crowd. However, the concept of creamed corn pasta doesn't end with a single recipe.

There's more than one way to make creamed corn pasta

Our recipe may be the platonic ideal of creamed corn pasta that puts the kernels in the driver's seat. That said, building on this concept is highly encouraged, as a galaxy of great ingredients can accentuate and elevate the flavor of creamed corn.

In the more obvious realm, bacon stands out — and there are a few ways to go about jazzing up pasta with cured pork belly. For a simple take, fry minced bacon until crisp and fold it into the finished creamed corn as the dish comes together. The salty, crunchy bacon mingles merrily with the soft, sweet pop of the corn kernels.

Crab is also a classic pairing with corn. The flavor profile of crab and corn chowder is not that far off from creamed corn, making crab an easy addition. If following the above recipe, stir lump crab meat into the finished dish and let it gently heat through for a sweet seafood note.

Creamed corn can also work well with other pasta shapes, such as in a creamy fettuccine Alfredo. A bit more complex in preparation, you'll need to start by making fresh creamed corn — it's always worth it — and Alfredo sauce. However, be sparing with both so as not to over-sauce the finished fettuccine. If you replace ¼ of the Alfredo sauce with creamed corn, you'll have a sweet, creamy pasta that is perfect with shaved Parmigiano and fresh basil on top.