The Tortilla Hack For Making Samosas In A Fraction Of The Time

Stuffing filling into pastry is a culinary method practiced across different cuisines. It's fun to taste the authentic version of each iteration to see how a specific pairing of filling and type of pastry dough creates its special combination of flavors and textures. When cooking at home, however, it's all right to mix and substitute ingredients, both for convenience and for fun kitchen experimentation.

If you're craving the spice and crunch of samosas but don't have time to make proper pastry shells from scratch, turn to tortillas — yes, the ones you can buy from the store. Tortillas have proven their versatility as the deliciously starchy wrapper for meat, cheese, vegetables, and even sugar and cinnamon. Use them with your choice of samosa filling and cut down your cooking time so you can enjoy this treat even sooner.

If you're worried about store-bought flour tortillas making your samosas feel dry or taste off, there are ways to ensure that they're restaurant quality when you cook with them. Warming them up is key. If you don't have a tortilla warmer, you can dip yours in water then place them on a hot skillet or griddle. You can also steam tortillas for 10 to 15 minutes. Either method softens them for easier folding and makes them taste fresher.

Use tortillas to wrap your samosas instead of making pastry shells

To get started, cut a 10-inch flour tortilla in half. Next, prepare the paste for sealing your samosas by pouring a bit of flour into a bowl and gradually adding water until you create a thick consistency. Use your finger to spread a small amount of flour paste on the straight edge of your halved tortilla. With the edge that's lined with paste facing you, make a cone by folding one corner of the tortilla in an upward and diagonal direction toward the curved side. Do the same with the other corner going in the opposite direction. Press down on the seams to seal them.

Spoon 1 to 2 tablespoons of samosa filling into your cone, making sure to leave enough space so you can seal it properly. Apply paste along the inner edge of the open flap at the top of your cone then press the seam closed. Repeat the steps for as many samosas as you want to prepare. Remember to let each one rest first before frying to make sure the flour paste seals the seams properly. 

Pan-fry your samosas in oil over medium heat until the wrappers turn golden brown, or cook them in an air fryer. Serve with dipping sauce, and enjoy the mix of crunchiness and softness cradling the heat and flavor of your samosa filling.