Tortillas Are The Unexpected Ingredient You Need For The Easiest Cinnamon Rolls

Does the hankering for cinnamon rolls ever subside? With an ooey gooey brown sugar center and spicy cinnamon scent, the craving for these bundles of swirly goodness is real. We want them now and we want them fast! Luckily, there's an unexpected ingredient that we can use to make the easiest cinnamon rolls at speed without the time-consuming kneading, rising, and rolling that comes with a yeasted dough – tortillas!

Yes, those hard working tortillas you employ on the regular to make burritos, breakfast wraps, and cheesy quesadillas are also the secret ingredient to making the world's fastest cinnamon rolls in minutes instead of hours. And as shown in @dliciouslyinspired's viral TikTok video, the swap couldn't be easier. Simply switch the enriched dough that requires a double rise and a day's worth of planning for the packet of flour tortillas that are stashed away in your pantry. With a handful of other ingredients and a simple muffin tray, you'll satisfy your every craving and be on your way to cinnamon roll heaven before you know it.

How to make fast cinnamon rolls with tortillas

You'll need at least four tortillas to get started, depending on how big of a swirl you'd like to create and the dimensions of the cups in your muffin tray. Begin by spreading some coconut oil or melted butter over the first tortilla before liberally sprinkling a thin mixture of sugar and cinnamon over the entire surface area. Put the next tortilla on top and repeat the process until you've used them up. Roll up the sugary stack, in the same way as you'd make a roulade, to create a log shape. A strong grip will result in a tighter roll and a prettier swirl. 


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Using a sharp knife, slice the log vertically into five to six equal-sized pinwheels to reveal the swirl in the center. The buttery mixture sandwiched between each layer should act as an edible glue to keep each coil in place. Next, line your muffin pan with cupcake cases and brush the bases with melted butter or coconut oil. Scatter in some crushed pecans and more of the sugar and cinnamon mixture (the butter, sugar, and nuts will melt and thicken together in the oven to create a rich, gooey paste). Finally, place one tortilla pinwheel in each muffin case, and bake until golden.

When the cinnamon swirls are ready, remove each muffin case and turn them over onto a cooling rack. Tap the bottom gently with your fingers to encourage the hot, cinnamon-scented paste to come out cleanly. For an extra touch of deliciousness, drizzle over some glace icing and tuck in. With such a simple way to satisfy a sweet tooth, these tortilla cinnamon swirls are destined to become a regular feature in your weekly culinary repertoire.