Add A Dash Of Orange Zest To Scrambled Eggs For A Citrusy Burst

There's nothing that ushers in a sunny start to the day like some citrus in the morning. Whether you get it through earl grey tea or lemon water, citrus is known to brighten things up. It's common for a cool glass of orange juice to accompany eggs, but we think those flavors should be combined — sprinkle orange zest into your scrambled eggs for a citrusy burst.

It's common to add a little lemon juice to your eggs from time to time. Not only does it produce fluffier eggs thanks to the acidity, but it also provides eggs with a tart, zingy flavor. With oranges being more mellow compared to lemons, they uplift eggs without their taste completely overtaking them. Instead, they infuse scrambled eggs with a hint of sweetness. Add a pat of butter into a pan and allow it to melt while you whisk a splash of cream into eggs. Pour the mixture into the pan and let the eggs curdle slightly, folding them gently. When the eggs are almost done, add in the orange zest and serve.

Pair orange zest eggs with these breakfast items

Combine the zesty eggs with another sweet and savory item to create the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Assemble the scrambled eggs and slices of glazed ham between a buttery biscuit to create a hearty breakfast. Serve it alongside a Greek yogurt parfait of oranges, blueberries, bananas, and honey.

If ham isn't your thing, pair the orange zest eggs with sweet, smoked salmon. On a toasted bagel with cream cheese, nestled with pieces of creamy avocado, this sandwich is for everyone who prefers a savory start to their day. To amp up the citrus with a bit of peppery flair, sprinkle a small amount of cardamom onto the cream cheese. For the people intrigued by eggs on the sweeter side, amp up a simple omelet by bringing fresh fruits into the fold. Whisk the orange zest into the eggs before they hit the pan and adorn the omelet with sliced strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, and oranges.