The Top 3 Foodie Finds Tabitha Brown Loved In 2023

If there's one chef we can count on for tantalizing vegan fare, it's Tabitha Brown. Beloved for recipes like her viral carrot bacon — which uses thin slices of the root veggie in place of pork — to quick collard greens, Brown is a passionate advocate for plant-based cuisine. When she's not sharing her healthy cooking tips with fans, "America's Mom" can be found making waves elsewhere in the culinary sphere. Following her rise to fame through social media and television, the superstar has authored two bestselling cookbooks, developed a McCormick spice collection, and, most recently, introduced a line of vegan groceries to Target.

But if you've ever wondered about Brown's approach to dining behind the scenes, you're in luck. Tasting Table caught up with the actor and social media personality at the inaugural Honeyland Festival in Houston, Texas, to discuss some of her top food-related finds of the past year. From must-try vegan sushi rolls on par with the real thing to the trusty kitchen appliance she calls her "new favorite," Brown opened our eyes to some seriously tempting discoveries that you won't want to miss. 

Tabitha's most memorable meals of 2023

Even though Tabitha Brown's vegan bacon is widely considered one of the best versions out there, the cooking star can't say enough good things about a rival recipe. When asked about her most memorable meal of 2023, Brown nominated a favorite dish at East Village vegan tapas hotspot, Ladybird. "Ladybird in New York City has the best Caesar salad. They have this bacon that they make in-house out of mushrooms. It's so good, and the Caesar dressing is to die for," Brown tells Tasting Table. And though Brown prefaces her pick by noting that vegans certainly eat more than just salad, she loves Ladybird's novel take on Caesar salad.

"Every time I go to New York, it's my first stop. I'm like, 'I've got to go get that salad,'" she says with a laugh. Ladybird's vegan bacon is made with smoked trumpet mushrooms, while kale replaces the traditional romaine lettuce. And, of course, the irresistible dish includes delectable toppings, like vegan parmesan cheese and herb croutons. Lastly, Brown also gave a nod to one of her favorite vegan eateries in Houston, Texas. "I went to Mo' Better Brews and had their fried mushrooms and grits, and baby...they're very good," she shares. At Mo' Better Brews, diners can choose from a selection of fried mushrooms and grits entrees, from chik'n fried to hot honey varieties.

Brown says this vegan Vegas spot serves 'the best sushi'

While on the subject of food-related finds for the year, Brown enthusiastically adds another culinary discovery to the list. "I just discovered this vegan spot in Las Vegas: Daikon Vegan Sushi," she reveals to Tasting Table. "[They serve] the best vegan sushi I've ever had in my life. Actually, it's the best sushi — not even just vegan!" Indeed, thousands of reviewers echo Brown's high praise for the Las Vegas, Nevada sushi spot. "I am beyond impressed," says one guest. "Their vegan sushi is just like regular sushi. I can finally satisfy my cravings."

Founded by Chef Mindy Lim, Daikon Vegan Sushi & More opened its doors in 2020 to the delight of plant-based foodies everywhere. Beyond traditional vegetable rolls like avocado, oshinko, and cucumber, Daikon serves up an impressive array of vegan alternatives to historically fish-based fare. Its Spider Roll, for example, features tempura-fried king oyster mushrooms in place of the typical soft-shell crab. Other notable menu items are the 'Eel' Nigiri— made from cooked eggplant — and the 'Tonkatsu' Rice, which Daikon fixes up with fried tofu skin. And vegan ramen fans, take note: Daikon has not one, but two vegan egg options on its menu, including a homemade version with a pumpkin puree 'yolk.'

The kitchen gadget Tabitha can't get enough of

As many of us know, new kitchen acquisitions can be very hit-or-miss. Fortunately, however, one line of appliances comes with Tabitha Brown's seal of approval. "My new favorite thing that I got is a Breville toaster. You just hit the button, and it slowly rises when it's done," Tabitha tells Tasting Table. "It has a little button where you can check it. It'll come up and let you see if it's toasted to how you like it, and then it goes back down. Girl, I feel very fancy when I have it."

The toaster mechanism that Brown refers to is a key feature in Breville's Smart Toaster, Bit More, and Lift & Look models. Unlike toasters of the past, Breville's Lift & Look technology allows users to monitor the doneness of each slice without interrupting the process. With the touch of a button, the toast is carried upward in a smooth, fluid motion for a quick glimpse before returning to the base of the toaster to resume cooking. In addition to the lift and look function, the high-tech toasters boast several other perks, from defrost and bagel settings to extra-long slots to accommodate oversized slices of bread. But perhaps best of all, you can proudly plate up a vegan breakfast sandwich knowing you and Tabitha Brown share the same taste in toasters.