Savory Biscuit Cupcakes Should Be The Star Of Your Next Dinner Party

Canned biscuit dough is a modern miracle that saves us the time, effort, and skill involved in making fluffy, soft biscuits from scratch. If you've ever delighted in a canned biscuit, you've probably noticed their distinguishably flakey layers stacked neatly like a deck of cards; you may have even peeled each layer off to savor one at a time. These delectable layers are the key to savory biscuit cupcakes.

If bakers have taken to sculpting cakes into hamburgers and pizza slices, there's no reason you can't pleasantly surprise dinner party guests with a sweet-looking cupcake fashioned out of buttery flakey biscuits with savory ingredients oozing out of each layer. While you can use scratch-made biscuit dough, canned biscuit dough offers firm yet discernable layers that you can disassemble and mold into a cupcake-shaped meal.

All you need are cupcake tins, biscuit dough, and your favorite savory ingredients to fold into each layer. Layer ingredients like slices of cheese, aromatics, or diced vegetables in between each doughy flake into each cupcake mold. Then use the final layer of dough to enclose each cupcake, creating the classic domed top before brushing with butter and then baking.

While the biscuit-based cakes bake, you can make savory cake frostings, glazes, or garnishes to create a beautifully adorned cupcake that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Whether you like to lick the frosting first or detach the cupcake top and flip it over to make a biscuit sandwich is up to you.

Savory biscuit cupcake ingredient combinations

Just as there are infinite sweet cupcake creations, there are also countless savory ingredient combinations for biscuit cupcakes. You can draw inspiration from your favorite holiday meals or condense a classic dinner party menu into biscuit form.

A tasty Thanksgiving biscuit cupcake might contain layers of sour cream and cranberry sauce, mashed potato frosting, a drizzle of gravy, and a luscious sliver of turkey to place on top. Christmas fans could layer thin slices of honey-glazed ham and whipped parsnip puree, topped with a cranberry sauce glaze.

If a fancy steak dinner is more your style, place thinly sliced steak between each biscuit flake with a whipped blue cheese frosting topped with caramelized onions. You can also make brunch-inspired savory biscuit cupcakes by layering Canadian bacon between each biscuit layer, topping the cupcake with a poached egg and a hearty drizzle of hollandaise sauce.

Because biscuits are the beacon of Southern cuisine, you can riff off of many famous Southern dishes for biscuit cupcake ideas. You can stack layers of mozzarella or pimento cheese into your biscuit flakes, and top the cupcake with a battered and fried chicken nugget and a slice of butter pickle. For a take on shrimp and grits, you can layer the biscuit with slices of sharp cheddar cheese, topped with creamy corn grits frosting, and a battered and fried shrimp.