The Lesser-Known Christmas Candy Corn Has Its Own Look And Flavor

Like most of us, you probably correlate traditional candy corn with fall holidays like Halloween and Samhain, but did you know there's a lesser-known version of the sugary stuff that's made just for winter holidays like Christmas? Instead of orange, yellow, and white kernel-shaped candy, the colors are swapped for festive red, green, and white combinations with flavors reminiscent of the most wonderful time of year.

Brach's, the company behind much of the regular candy corn we all enjoy (or loathe) at Halloween, also produces the winter version. In previous years, they released a traditional peppermint candy cane flavored candy corn. This year, Brach's released Candy Cane Forest Mellowcremes inspired by "Elf," the popular holiday movie starring Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. The multi-flavored bag comes with maple syrup green and yellow candy corn. It also has peppermint candy cane, toasted marshmallow, and frosted sugar cookie candies that come in different shapes and other bright holiday-themed colors.

More varieties of holiday candy corn

For a more traditional Christmas candy corn, Zachary Confections makes a holiday corn that's in the same kernel shape in a red, green, and cream color combination. Despite the festive color change, this one is the same flavor as traditional candy corn, according to the company's product description. It's available for purchase in 1-pound containers at stores like Michael's and Walmart.

You can find a variety of the Christmas-themed candy under other names like reindeer corn from Phillips Chocolates, Sweet Gourmet's holiday candy corn available on Amazon, and Christmas Reindeer Corn made by Half Nuts. No matter what brand you go with, they're all basically the same with the red, green, and white trio of stripes. Just in case you go overboard on your order of this holiday treat and find yourself with extra, we have a few ideas for using it up. It would make the ideal decoration for gingerbread houses. Use it to top holiday sugar cookies with some 3D flare, or to give a burst of festive color to your candy bowls during the holiday season.