The Sun-Dried Tomatoes Giada De Laurentiis Uses In Soup

Whether they act as the focal point in a traditional tomato soup or as an addition to a hearty minestrone, tomatoes star in many a soup. Yet, while the classic summer produce has long proven its worth, you may want to take a cue from Giada di Laurentiis. When it comes to tomato soup, the celebrity chef utilizes Bio Orto sun-dried tomatoes in lieu of the standard fruit. These tomatoes ultimately enrich tomato soup with a deeper flavor. Specifically, di Laurentiis uses Bio Orto's organic sun-dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil. The brand's tomatoes originate from Southern Italy's Puglia region and offer a sweet yet savory tomato flavor. In addition to oil, salt, wine vinegar, and basil accompany each jar of sun-dried tomatoes.

While you can certainly eat the tomatoes as is, they, of course, shine when used in tomato soup. This is thanks to their concentrated, complex flavor. In general, sun-dried tomatoes tend to pack more of a punch than regular tomatoes, so your tomato soup will taste all the more like its namesake. Likewise, sun-dried tomatoes have a different texture, but because tomato soup is blended, the primary difference is ultimately about the taste. As for how to make your own sun-dried tomato soup? Follow di Laurentiis' lead and grab two jars of sun-dried tomatoes. 

Pair sun-dried tomatoes with both vegetables and beans for a delicious soup

Contrary to its name, tomato soup isn't just about the tomatoes, whether sun-dried or plump from the garden. Rather, to make a sun-dried tomato soup, you'll also want a red onion, some celery, garlic, and a carrot — albeit in smaller quantities than your sun-dried tomatoes. Cook those vegetables before you add the tomatoes. You'll also want to incorporate cannellini beans. Once all these ingredients have had a few minutes to soften, you can mix in vegetable broth and water, then give the entire combination time to cook. For the final step, don't forget to blend your soup so it's smooth, creamy, and oh-so delicious. As for finishing touches? Di Laurentiis adds kale as well as parmesan cheese and olive oil.

The soup comes together easily — as do most dishes that swap out tomatoes for their sun-dried counterpart. The latter tastes great in everything from spinach ravioli to Bolognese, while Bio Orto recommends using its tomatoes for pizzas and sandwiches. After you try di Laurentiis' tomato soup, get creative with that jar of oil-drenched tomatoes. After all, the dried fruit retains that beloved sweet tomato flavor and puts a fresh twist on all of your favorite tomato dishes.