Use Empty Broth Boxes To Make Homemade Ice Packs

You have a bunch of empty broth boxes and a thought strikes you: Could you repurpose these boxes instead of discarding or recycling them? The answer is yes. For a handy and eco-friendly kitchen hack, transform empty broth boxes into homemade ice packs. This idea embraces repurposing an often single-use item. It also offers a practical solution for keeping food nicely chilled while traveling or enjoying outdoor activities.

The hack is relatively straightforward. First, clean the empty broth boxes with water. Then, fill them with water and seal them tightly with their lids. After that, place these boxes in the freezer. Depending on your freezer's settings, the water will usually take about four to six hours to freeze completely. Once solid, these repurposed boxes are ready to use as ice packs.

They work perfectly inside coolers or food storage containers. This comes in handy for longer drives, especially when transporting food to a potluck or a family event. Additionally, consider keeping one or two of these homemade ice packs handy in your freezer if you have the space for them. They're great for emergencies or spontaneous outings.

Homemade ice packs can be used for more than chilling food

This homemade ice pack hack isn't just limited to broth boxes. These days, you can find other liquids in boxes, such as creamy tomato soup, oat milk, or coconut water. Following the same cleaning and freezing process, you can also repurpose these containers into makeshift ice packs. This ensures you'll have ice packs of different sizes and shapes for different cooling needs.

And, while these homemade ice packs are great for cooling food and maintaining food-safe temperatures, you can use them beyond your cooking needs. For example, in the case of injuries like an ankle sprain, you can wrap one of these homemade ice packs in a towel, then use it as a quick and convenient cold source to help reduce any swelling and ease pain. Or, let's say your partner is giving you a headache. Wrap one in a towel and place it over your throbbing temples.

Then, there are always situations where you want to use ice but don't want a melting mess. That's when these homemade ice packs can come in handy as well. So, the next time you're about to discard your empty broth boxes, consider repurposing them first. It's a small step but can contribute to sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.