The Simple Spatula Hack To Make Rose-Shaped Scrambled Eggs

Home cooks are transforming classic scrambled eggs into an aesthetic culinary display, drawing inspiration from the popular tornado-shaped scrambled eggs of Japan and Korea that have been trending for a while now. This new scrambled eggs food hack uses a spatula — a tool found in just about every kitchen — to craft rose-shaped scrambled eggs.  

The process starts with beating eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper or soy sauce for an extra savory touch. After heating butter or oil in a pan over medium heat, you would pour in the beaten eggs. As they start to solidify around the edges, use a spatula to push one edge of the eggs toward the opposite side gently and carefully. Continue this motion clockwise, gently pushing one side of the egg across to the other, creating a swirling pattern. The objective is to create a single, unified scrambled egg piece resembling a rose or flower shape, taking care not to chop or break the egg into pieces.

Once the rose shape forms, give the scrambled eggs a flip in the pan if you'd like, or remove them from the pan and serve immediately. You don't want to overcook this dish; if you do, the insides of the scrambled eggs won't remain velvety. The spatula hack folding technique creates layers of eggs, offering a mix of slightly crispy edges and soft, creamy centers in each bite.

Easy rose-shaped scrambled eggs at home

Serving options are plentiful: Pair your rose-shaped scrambled eggs with toast, drizzle it with chili crisp for an added spicy zing, or accompany it with your favorite sides for breakfast. Garnishings can range from chopped chives or scallions to fried garlic or shallots to furikake and pork floss. Consider adding a pop of color with sauces, like Tabasco or ketchup.


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In contrast, the tornado scrambled eggs — a likely precursor to this trend — involve using chopsticks to pull the eggs towards the center while swirling the eggs or the pan itself to create a vortex effect. Once cooked, these eggs are often served over dome-shaped rice, resembling an edible tall tornado, and accompanied with tomato sauce or Japanese curry. The effect is visually stunning. The eggs remained creamy and slightly undercooked.

The chopsticks technique requires more finesse and practice; hence, the spatula hack for rose-shaped eggs appears to be an easier alternative for everyday home cooks. You'll still be able to create a stunning swirl effect with a spatula with a little practice. And while it won't look as refined as the tornado egg, your homemade rose-shaped scrambled egg will still make an impression.