Why Grapefruit And Cinnamon Are A Match Made In Drink Heaven

There are many famous drink pairings that you probably know well. Tequila and lime are the foundation of the ever-popular margarita. Lemonade and iced tea come together to create a refreshing Arnold Palmer. If you are looking to switch up your beverage game, however, we recommend trying this lesser-known flavor combination: grapefruit and cinnamon.

While it may seem like a novel pairing, plenty of people sprinkle a little cinnamon along with their sugar when they enjoy a grapefruit for breakfast in the morning. The two flavors complement one another surprisingly well. Where grapefruit is sour and bitter, cinnamon is spicy and earthy, creating a nice contrast while still both having sweetness as a unifying tasting note. These contrasting flavors highlight each other while still getting along well enough to be enjoyable. Both ingredients are also intensely aromatic, further heightening their interaction. The result is a layered and complex tasting experience, especially when combined in a cocktail or other drink.

How to incorporate these flavors into one beverage

There are many ways to combine these flavors when making your drink of choice. The first set of options is to add these ingredients directly into the drink. For example, a paloma cocktail is made with grapefruit juice, which could then be further elevated by adding a cinnamon simple syrup. Alternatively, any drink featuring cinnamon-infused liquor could be complemented by adding a dash of grapefruit bitters or by macerating some of the fruit in the bottom of the drinking glass.

The other set of options is to add these ingredients onto the drinking glass for a lighter and more aromatic effect. For example, garnishing a glass with a stick of cinnamon or a grapefruit peel will gently infuse your drink with a hint of extra sophistication. For a little bit more flavor, try rimming the glass of your next grapefruit drink with cinnamon sugar to enhance the sweetness and add a warming kick.