The Simple Way To Elevate Your Traditional Grapefruit Breakfast

Like many people, you may think eating grapefruit for breakfast will speed up your metabolism (via Spoon University). You aren't wrong, but that's not the only benefit of eating grapefruit. The citrus fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Very Well Fit says that grapefruit is high in vitamin A, C, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Plus, it's delicious!

You may consider eating more of the sour citrus for its numerous health benefits. After all, starting your day with a healthy breakfast is crucial because it's the most important meal of the day (via Cleveland Clinic). When you nosh on that morning grapefruit, don't get stuck in a grapefruit rut. Sprinkling sugar over fresh grapefruit slices is tasty. Still, it's time to elevate your traditional grapefruit breakfast by trying something a little different. Here are a few ways to turn your nutritious, but plain breakfast into an exciting, delicious one. 

Broil your grapefruit

Create a mouthwatering, sticky treat with your grapefruit using only honey, vanilla, and cardamom. Fine Cooking recommends drizzling the fruit with these ingredients, then broiling the grapefruit in the oven until bubbly and brown. The site states that this recipe elevates grapefruit to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Broiled grapefruit with flaky salt and brown sugar is a recipe the New York Times recommends. The fancy food has a caramelized topping that kisses each section of the warm, tart fruit. The recipe includes cinnamon and sea salt flakes that balance the sweet and sour flavors.

There are endless options for grapefruit toppings you can use when broiling the citrus fruit. Hello Spoonful recommends using coconut chips and chia seeds. Williams Sonoma suggests butter, fresh mint, and cinnamon on their grapefruit.

Always keep a close watch on your grapefruit when using the broiler to prevent burning. Simply Recipes says to cook grapefruit halves for three to four minutes under the broiler until slightly browned. How will you spruce up your grapefruit?