Which Type Of Grapefruit Is The Sweetest?

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that tastes delicious when sprinkled with sugar, blended into muffin mixes, and stirred into yogurt. According to Insanely Good Recipes, there is actually a lot you can do with the tangy fruit — and knowing your grapefruit types can really help you create dishes that taste amazing.

Very Well Fit says grapefruit is a hybrid between an orange and pummelo. The citrus fruit is white, pink, or red on the inside and the skin can be thin or thick. Grapefruit is low in calories and high in vitamin C and fiber. Florida Citrus lists grapefruit as being fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free. Perhaps this is why grapefruit is popular among those mindful of their diet — hence the grapefruit diet, which claims enzymes from the fruit help to burn fat (via Web MD).

So, how do you know which grapefruit has the sweetest flavor? Keep scrolling to find out.

Red grapefruit is the sweetest of them all

According to How Stuff Works, red grapefruit is potentially the most popular of all varieties, the most widely available, and the sweetest of all grapefruit types. U.S. Citrus shares that it's the Rio Red grapefruit that is the sweetest, and they say the more red the fruit is, the sweeter it will be.

The Grove says that the tart grapefruit varieties include the white and pink fruits, and the mild, sweet ones are red. The site reveals that the citrus fruit may help lower cholesterol, reduce kidney stone formation, and improve heart health.

Ask The Food Geek offers some additional food for thought. They say that the longer the grapefruit ripens on the tree, the sweeter it will be. Grapefruit bought in March, April, and May also tend to be sweeter, and the Flame, ruby red, and Oro Blanco varieties rank lowest on the bitterness scale.