When Hosting A Cocktail Party, Use Charms On Glass Stems To Prevent Drink Mixups

Hosting cocktail parties at home can be a fun affair. However, as the course of the evening grows long and more drinks are poured, it can become easy — and understandable — for guests to lose track of whose glass belongs to whom. Instead of asking your cocktail party attendees to wear different colored lipsticks, plan for your party ahead of time by gathering unique charms that can be wrapped around wine stems and help guests identify their drinks. Different colors and designs affixed to glass stems can help drinkers spot their glasses, even in dim candlelit spaces. Not only can charms help guests keep track of their drinks, but you'll also have fewer glasses to wash at the end of the evening.

Set wine charms out on a table for guests to choose their own when they arrive, or affix tags to the stems of glasses so guests simply need to choose a glass and start pouring drinks. Your careful planning will help create a night to remember.

A thoughtful touch

Options are unlimited when it comes to choosing charms that can mark drinkers' wine glasses, and you can look around your house for inspiration: Pieces of colored ribbon can be tied around stems, or you can use buttons and string to make decorations for drinks. Create drink tags specifically for the occasion with relevant themes guiding the concepts of the designs or prepare colorful markers with the names of your guests.

If you're not the crafty type, an assortment of wine charms can be found online and in artisanal markets, with materials ranging from engraved wooden pieces to intricately braided yarn. Colorful stones and silver pieces can easily be collected and reused, or you can send your guests home with their wine charms as a type of souvenir to remember the evening by. Regardless of whether you craft custom charms or order pre-made designs, festive drink markers will add an extra special touch to the parties you host.