Why The Shape Of Your Wine Glass Really Does Matter

Chances are you've noticed there are a lot of different styles or designs of wine glasses. Even if you were shopping around and the simple labeling of the glasses as red or white is what clued you into the fact that there is a difference, you might not be sure if you really need wine glasses for each and every style of wine. Yet, the truth of the matter is that the different shapes of the wine glasses can significantly enhance how the wine you drink smells and tastes, at least according to some (via Chateau Grand Traverse Wines).

For instance, red wine glasses tend to have more room at the bottom of the glass and a narrower mouth at the top. The extra surface area allows the wine to "breathe" or gain more exposure to air before focusing the aroma back toward your nose through the smaller opening. White wine glasses tend to be shallower and sometimes have a more open mouth. This allows lighter-bodied white wines to deliver a full aroma while staying at a cooler drinking temperature.

Finally, flutes are made for sparkling wines like Champagne or Prosecco because these glasses keep as many of the bubbles intact as possible and send them directly to the top. That's also why these glasses allow wines to have less surface area.

You can try universal glassware too

So, what type of wine glass should you buy? If you have a style of wine you tend to drink most of the time, such as red or white, then focus on buying that style of glassware first. That way, you can enjoy your favorite wines in the best way possible. But if you are someone who likes to switch things up and you do not want to invest in buying multiple styles of wine glass, you can always turn to universal glassware.

In all honesty, many argue that the overall impact of the glassware on your wine is actually fairly minimal. That's especially true for casual drinkers who are not trying to savor a special bottle (via Wine Enthusiast). The wine may be less nuanced, but buying a good set of universal glassware can still make the most of many people's selections of wines without utterly breaking your budget. Just make sure the diameter of the glass bowl is wider than the mouth, so it can accommodate both red and white to the best of its ability.