Make Hosting Your Next Party Easier Than Ever By Batching Your Cocktails

Since the late 19th century, Americans have become increasingly enthralled with cocktails, both from a savory aspect and an entertainment aspect, notes NPR. When we order a cocktail at a bar, half of the fun is watching the mixologist measure, shake, strain, smoke, and garnish the concoction. However, it's this very process that also makes crafting a tipple all the more time consuming and complicated. Luckily, there's a solution: batching.

Batching is exactly what it sounds like: Preparing cocktails in a large quantity. Although explains that this can be a solution for bars that pump out a high volume of craft cocktails, pre-mixing spirits can also help out the humble party host. Rather than be tasked with making drink after drink, preparing cocktails in bulk can be a great way to ensure you can enjoy the festivities alongside guests. Though you might have your reservations, stay with us.

Far from unconventional, pre-made cocktails are actually quite popular. Appealing to a new generation of drinkers, The Atlantic explains that demand for canned cocktails have skyrocketed recently thanks to their convenience, accessibility, and casual, yet elevated vibe. While batching sees the pre-made tipple on a larger scale, the idea of effortlessness remains the same: All that's required is a bit of planning before taking mere seconds to pour and garnish a celebratory tipple.

Respect ratios, but use some discretion

Despite the fact that batching might seem like multiplying a recipe, that's not necessarily true. For the sake of your sanity, Imbibe recommends thinking about recipes in terms of ratios, which you can apply to any unit of measurement. But, remember that quantities might need to be adjusted when working with intense mix-ins like flavored syrups or bitters. Likewise, Punch also suggests considering the effects of dilution that ice would have on a singular drink, in comparison to a batch — either add half an ounce of water directly to the batch and serve neat, or serve drinks on the rocks.

As for which cocktails best benefit from batching, it's wise to choose approachable flavors and lower-proof recipes to ensure your cocktail is a crowd pleaser. That said, Cocktail Contessa does make a case for batching spirit-driven cocktails like a Boulevardier, martini, or even Adonis as they don't contain ingredients that could spoil (dairy and eggs) or become bitter (fruit juice) as the cocktail rests. However, the most obvious choice for batching remains to be punch. A batchable no-brainer, it's a self-serve tipple that requires no stirring, shaking, or complicated serving methods. 

But, what about fans who enjoy a cocktail with a bit of effervescence? Rest assured that bubbly cocktails can still be made as part of a batch. Just remember to pour in sparkling wine, soda, or tonic water right before serving something like pitcher of mimosas to avoid flatness. Happy imbibing!