The Likely Reason Your Homemade Cashew Milk Is Grainy

Plant-based milks are all the rage. The U.S. alternative milk market makes over $3.6 billion every year, according to the Statista Research Department, and it is expected to continue to grow as people explore their dietary preferences and food sensitivities. Given such a wealth of opportunity, it's no wonder that there are many types of milk substitutes out there, from staples like almond milk and oat milk to newer nut milk options like cashew milk. 

Cashew milk in particular is loved for its thick and creamy texture, as well as how easily it can be made at home. If you have tried doing just that, however, and found that your cashew milk is clumpy or grainy instead of smooth and silky, it may be because you need a more powerful blender. Making your own cashew milk only takes a few steps. First, soak some cashews, then blend them with a large amount of water and, if you wish, some sweeteners or flavorings. 

Large, hard nuts are more difficult to blend than a basic smoothie, however, so even after soaking them for the prescribed amount of time, it can still be difficult for a standard blender to conjure the power needed to get the job done. This can result in the cashews not being fully broken down and incorporated into the milk.

How to fix lumpy cashew milk

Of course, smooth cashew milk doesn't require splashing out on a fancy new blender. There are several ways to address the issue of partially blended nuts without breaking the bank. The first option is to simply soak the cashews for longer than the time that is listed on any given cashew milk recipe. The longer you soak the cashews, the more water they will absorb, further softening them. You can even soak them overnight if you want to give yourself the best chance of achieving that coveted perfectly smooth milk.

If you still find that your cashew milk is grainy, your best option is to simply strain the remaining solids out of the solution. You can do so by passing the liquid through a cheesecloth, muslin, or other food-safe filter. The filtering material will catch any stray cashew chunks that weren't pulverized in the blender, leaving behind only dreamy, creamy cashew milk for you to enjoy.