Try Dark Chocolate In Your Breakfast Quinoa Bowl For A Sweeter Morning Meal

You don't need to wait until mid-afternoon to inject a bit of sweetness into your day. Start your mornings off on a sweeter note by inviting dark chocolate into your usual breakfast bowl recipes. The smooth richness not only adds flavor and creamy texture to the comforting dish, but the power-packed combination of dark chocolate and quinoa will set you off on the right foot with a nutrient-dense meal that is sure to propel you out the door with renewed energy. 

Both quinoa and dark chocolate are considered superfoods, as the two ingredients offer an impressive array of antioxidants and minerals that can give your breakfast a significant boost. Dark chocolate also pairs well with certain fruits.  Add in slices of seasonal delicacies like plums or strawberries, and breakfast may become just the thing that helps you get out of bed with a springy step. 

Whether you decide to stir dark chocolate directly into the warm quinoa that has cooked on your stovetop or want to sprinkle dark chocolate shavings on top of your prepared breakfast bowl, your mornings are destined to become a whole lot sweeter. 

Start the day with a taste of indulgence

Quinoa bowls provide the perfect canvas for you to customize your meals to suit your palate. Pair your morning chocolatey bowls of quinoa and other grains with dried cranberries or desiccated coconut flakes, sprinkle chia and sesame seeds on top of your served dish, or add an extra crunch with homemade gingerbread granola. You can even make a batch of quinoa in advance so all you have to do is heat up the portion sizes you need as you sip your first cup of coffee and start slicing bananas to top your meal.

While you can certainly eat quinoa cold, the gooey-melty-deliciousness of dark chocolate swirled into the warm dish is tough to beat. Top it with creamy dollops of Greek yogurt and a light dusting of cinnamon — or slices of complementary seasonal fruit like plums — and your chocolate-enhanced breakfast will quickly become a morning favorite in your household. This is a sweet and easy start to your day that you simply won't want to miss.