Fried Nori Sheets Turn Into Crisp Crackers Perfect For Poke

You've prepared a beautiful bowl of fresh, flavorful, and spicy ahi tuna poke, but something's missing — a crunchy element to balance soft, succulent bites of raw fish. You crave an experience akin to chips and dip, yet your pantry has run out of chips and crackers. The solution? Fry up a batch of homemade crackers made from nori sheets. This ingenious food hack will solve your crunchy element dilemma and add a gourmet touch to your poke. 

Nori is a type of edible seaweed that is a staple in Japanese cuisine. It's perhaps best known for its role in sushi as the outer wrapping in maki and hand rolls. However, you will often find cut nori as a topping for poke. Fried nori sheets turn into crisp crackers that are the perfect vehicle — and it's surprisingly simple to make something so incredibly satisfying. Start by whisking together cornstarch and water to form a light batter. Dredge the nori sheets or strips in the batter and gently fry them in hot oil. 

The result is a crisp cracker laden with umami that crackles with each bite. The finished product is substantial enough to hold a hefty mouthful. Plus, the added textural contrast will also delight your taste buds. The ease of making fried nori crackers, plus their delightful taste and adaptability, make this ingredient a must-try for anyone looking to add a twist to their snack repertoire.

Nori crackers can be used for more than poke

Fried or toasted nori crackers have a versatility extending beyond our recommended poke pairing. For one, they can be a standalone snack when you find yourself craving something crispy and satisfying for a simple snack. Or, use nori crackers as a chip for different dips, a base for creative canapés, or a novel addition to your holiday cheese or charcuterie boards. 

The possibilities for their use in the home kitchen are nearly endless. The crunch and flavor of delicious nori crackers make them a standout at dinner parties and potlucks. Plus, adults and kids alike will love them.

However, say you've run out of nori sheets at home. What do you do then? Rice paper provides an excellent alternative; it is vegan, gluten-free, and yields a similarly crispy texture when fried or air-fried. One setback to this swap is that rice paper lacks the umami-rich, briny flavors nori sheets naturally contain. Easy to make, versatile, and deliciously satisfying, fried nori crackers are a must-try for anyone looking to add a unique, fun, and flavorful crunch to their favorite poke recipe — and beyond.