The Simple Toasting Method To Give Nori Sheets A Delicious Crisp

What's your favorite way to use nori sheets? Whether you have only purchased nori sheets to attempt your own homemade sushi or you've experimented with making nori-flavored potato chips, you've likely noticed how versatile this ingredient can be. This seaweed can be enjoyed on its own as a snack or featured in a plethora of your favorite Japanese dishes. However, if you feel you've run out of creative ways to use your leftover nori sheets that are hiding in your pantry, you might want to elevate this ingredient by toasting it.

By toasting your nori, you can enjoy a slightly different flavor profile and a crunchier texture. Toasted nori has a nuttier taste and crumbles a bit more easily than typical nori. It can be used in a variety of recipes from soups to salads to seasonings and more. While you can purchase pre-toasted nori sheets from the store, making your own at home is quick, simple, and will taste slightly better. All you need is some oil, a pair of tongs, and a gas stove. In a few minutes, you'll have perfectly crisp seaweed ready for any meal.

Spritz your sheets

Before you start holding your nori over an open flame, you'll want to gingerly spritz both sides of the sheet with oil or gently apply the oil in an alternative way. Either way, the coating should be very thin. When the nori is ready, it can be held over a gas stove or grill's flame at a medium temperature.

Using a long pair of tongs is ideal to hold the sheet at a distance. The sheet should not be kept still to avoid catching fire. However, even when moving it around the flame, it still might ignite. This is okay as long as it can be quickly extinguished (just blow at it).

You will know the nori is done when it turns brown and becomes brittle. It should take roughly 20 seconds for each sheet, so you can go through each piece of nori quickly. If you don't happen to have a gas stove or a grill, a broiler works fine. Just keep a watchful eye on them.

Whether your end goal is concocting a tasty dip or you're just sprinkling it over rice, we recommend trying this trick out for yourself at home for the best-tasting nori you've had yet.