Why Cross-Back Aprons Are Beneficial For Long Days In The Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen tools and gear, the apron doesn't get a lot of love, but they do a great job of guarding your clothes against stains. Aprons are like any other garment; they come in an array of different styles, but if you cook or bake for long hours during the week or have kiddos who like to fuss with the ties or feel itchy when they have something around their neck, you may want to consider purchasing a cross-back apron. This apron, which is also known as a Japanese-style apron, is all about ease.

The straps of a cross-back apron cross over the shoulders and then across the back. No ties, no knots to fiddle with or to undo. It looks a little like a jumper that you can just slip on over your head and push your arms through the sleeveless openings. Because these aprons are worn loose, you don't have to worry about any tightness around your waste. Its design is stylish but it still protects your clothes.

They have pockets

Aprons have been around for centuries, but in the United States, society saw them rise in popularity in the 1940s and 1950s because a stereotypical housewife could wear one over a party dress and be ready to serve up dinner to guests. Back then, the bungalow apron was the go-to, and interestingly enough, it is very similar to the cross-back apron in that it had no ties to deal with. However, it did have pockets.

If you love pockets, you will love the cross-back apron because it has functional pockets so you can keep a thermometer, whisk, or whatever kitchen tool you like to keep close. In addition to their comfort, they also come in a variety of fabrics; but if you want something breathable that is also easy to clean, cotton is your best choice. A cotton cross-back apron will also become softer with wearing and washing.

They are generally a one-size-fits-all, meaning you can share with your spouse. Because the aprons are so effortless and uncomplicated to put on and take off, it's easy to change into a new one if it encounters spills and splatters from your homemade pasta sauce or chocolate cake batter.