Real Cooks Wear Aprons

Real cooks wear aprons (you should, too)

There are some badass aprons happening in restaurants these days.

Made of leather or heavy-duty Japanese denim and designed with special pockets to hold tweezers and other chef gear, these new-school aprons bring some real style and utility into the kitchen.

Chef David Bazirgan enlisted a Project Runway alum to create his custom dark denim apron for the new Dirty Habit in SF. L.A.-based Hedley & Bennett outfits chefs like April Bloomfield, Dave Chang and Naomi Pomeroy of Portland's Beast.

More rugged than retro, more functional than frilly, today's handcrafted chef's aprons would be just as at home in a workshop as a kitchen—and we're kind of obsessed with them. Check out thirteen of our favorites in this slideshow.

Stanley & Sons Leather Lap Apron

Stanley & Sons Leather Lap Apron, $143

What we like: Roomy leather pocket, contrasting materials

Scarr Leather Workshop Apron

Scarr Leather Workshop Apron, $320

What we like: It's a leather apron. What's not to like?

Hedley & Bennett Mellow Yellow

Hedley & Bennett Mellow Yellow, $90

What we like: Light stripe, sunny straps, chest pocket for a thermometer or pen

Will Leather Goods Wax Coated Canvas Apron

Will Leather Goods Wax Coated Canvas Apron, $195

What we like: Waxed coating means splatters won't stick, heavy-duty pockets

KDH x KM Dark Denim Apron

KDH x KM Dark Denim Apron, $89

What we like: No-frills, affordable, towels can be attached to an antique brass snap

Butcher & Baker Butcher's Apron

Butcher & Baker Butcher's Apron, $49

What we like: Available in four colors, cross-back straps to remove pressure

The Craftsman's Apron from Mercy

The Craftsman's Apron from Mercy, $199

What we like: Durable waxed canvas, fastens around the back like a belt


Hardmill Rugged Apron

Hardmill Rugged Apron, $220

What we like: Smartly designed with canvas, leather and denim; fastens around the waist with a nifty snap hook


Knife & Flag Split-Leg Apron

Knife & Flag Split-Leg Apron, $120

What we like: Covers all the way to mid-shin; split leg allows for easy movement

West Elm Cotton Apron

West Elm Cotton Apron, $24

What we like: Takes the look of more heavy-duty aprons and applies it to a more casual, lightweight fabric and design


Ice Milk Beauty in Brie Apron

Ice Milk Beauty in Brie Apron, $55

What we like: Good coverage for a half apron, can be monogrammed if you're into that kind of thing


Small Batch Production Half Apron

Small Batch Production Half Apron, $68

What we like: Vibrant citron color, roomy patch pockets, even the grommets are hand-hammered

Midi Fog Linen Apron

Midi Fog Linen Apron, $46

What we like: Lightweight linen fabric, subtle gray stripe, Parisian bistro feel