Scatter Fresh Fruit On Top Of Any Pie To Bring An Extra Fresh Look To Dessert

Whether you've picked up a store-bought pie from the market or have a leftover dessert that you would like to give new life, a sprinkle of seasonal berries can bring an aesthetic freshness to baked treats. The simple addition of ripe berries and sliced pieces of fruit can instantly brighten the appearance of pies by offering a dash of color and a naturally pleasing touch to even the simplest of recipes.

From plain tarts to intricately folded crusts, pies are the perfect canvas for professional and aspiring bakers alike to experiment with culinary appeal. Instead of having to worry about a complex garnish or a complicated powdered sugar design, fruit can help chefs create presentable designs with ease. Simply reach for the fruit that is in season, and slice pieces accordingly to match the overall composition of your pie. Add fresh herbs — think springs of rosemary and mint — to build even more contrast in color and texture on the surface of your baked goods. This quick hack can instantly elevate the appearance of any pie.

Pairing fruit with different pie recipes

Not only will you enhance the appearance of your pies, but sprinkling fruit onto your desserts will turn up the flavor volume of the treats. Spruce up fruit pies with extra fruit pieces that haven't been baked. Peach pies can be topped with additional slices of ripe peaches and blueberry pies can be crowned with fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Bring a crisp, juicy taste to pumpkin and walnut pies with slices of apples or pears, and try complementing boozier pie recipes like double chocolate derby pie with garnishes of citrus fruit, like an orange wedge or light sprinkle of grapefruit for a zippy flavor contrast. Key lime pies can be decorated with tropical fruits. Mangos, papaya, and strawberries all add bright, vivid pops of color while providing an extra syrupy bite to the pies you are planning to serve.  

Alternatively, lightly press your choice of fruit onto the surface of your pie before baking to add an oozy, fruity touch to your finished pie recipe. The fruit will leave an imprint on the top of your pie and when sliced, can signal that a warm, luscious burst of flavor is ready to be consumed.