The Easy Dough Twisting Hack For Festive Snowflake Puff Pastries

Just because a package of pre-made dough comes with a specific set of instructions, that doesn't mean you need to follow it. Take buttery puff pastries, for example. The conveniently prepared product can serve many functions in the kitchen, and with a bit of creative inspiration, you can use the store-bought dough to fashion snowflakes that add culinary sparkle to your next dinner spread. These beautiful pieces not only look impressive, but they can be adjusted to complement the other flavors in your meal too.

Though the winter-themed pastries look complicated, making them couldn't be easier. Simply use a cup or round cookie cutter to create a doughy disc, and slice cuts extending from the center, leaving an untouched interior circle. These thinner pieces around the outer ring will be twisted and braided together to form the edges of the pastry snowflakes. For more intricate designs, set two of the pastry pieces on top of each other and twist the pieces together to make more detailed-looking shapes. Once you've mastered the initial process, you can practice making complicated braids and twists or come up with your own aesthetic flourishes. 

An impressive presentation with flavorful variety

Before baking, brush the doughy snowflakes with butter or an egg wash and set the pieces onto baking paper for quick, clean removal from baking sheets. You can choose to make smaller hand-held pieces or create a larger snowflake design that can double as a table centerpiece, but keep in mind that these flaky, crispy pastries can become fragile once baked. 

For an added boost of sweet flavor, tuck Nutella and ground nuts, spreads of homemade fruit jam, or thinly drizzled chocolate into the spaces between the dough layers for a sugary surprise. If you'd prefer to offer a more savory dish to your dinner party guests, goat cheese and dried herbs can be placed in between the pastry dough pieces. Whether dusted with powdered sugar or garnished with flaky sea salt, these twisted puff pastries are guaranteed to bring holiday flair to your meals and add an aesthetically admirable element to your dinner. No one needs to know how easy they were to put together unless you choose to reveal your secrets.