The Crunchy Twist On Nutella Sandwiches

Few things make kids or adults happier at lunchtime than bread and a favorite spread that is tailored to their taste buds. We love a good PB&J, but Nutella rises to the top of the list of sandwich fixings that are bound to please anyone who can chew. All of that luscious and creamy hazelnut and cocoa spread piled onto a beautiful slice of grilled ciabatta or your favorite store-bought loaf is so satisfying. But what we love about this Italian spread is how versatile it is. In fact, if you tend to favor crunchy over smooth, we have a Nutella sandwich twist that will place your mouth in heaven.

To transform your Nutella sandwich from creamy to crunchy, simply chop up some hazelnuts and mix them in with an appropriate amount of Nutella to create a crunchy version of this sweet spread. This will not only amplify that nutty flavor, but it will make for a richer, heartier bite. If you want, you can even toast the nuts to release some of those aromas and pump up the hazelnut taste.  

Big crunch, little crunch

Hazelnuts tend to be both sweet and earthy in taste. Depending on the variety you choose, they can even be a little salty. This is why adding hazelnuts to a Nutella spread, whether it's homemade or purchased at your favorite supermarket, will impart a sweet and savory push and pull for your tongue that will satiate both loves. If you will want to shake things up, chop up some strawberries and grill your sandwich. It will create a jammy, fruity element that matches perfectly with your crunchy spread.

This addition will also create a texture that makes you think of your beloved crunchy peanut butter, only better because of the chocolatey nature of Nutella. And beyond the beauty of adding chopped-up hazelnuts to complement the overall flavor is the fact that you can tailor the amount of nuts you add to fit your palate. You also get to decide and control how chunky you want those nuts to be. Do a coarse chop for large nut chunks or a more refined chop for smaller pieces. A big crunch or a little crunch is really up to you.