Add A Frozen Dumpling To Your Eggs For A Unique And Savory Omelet-Like Breakfast

There's no better way to kick-start the morning than with a couple of eggs sizzling on the frying pan. They make quick, easy, and nutritious breakfasts that are also incredibly delicious. Plus, there are so many different ways to transform those fried eggs — you can sprinkle in some tangy cheese, add aromatic herbs, drizzle in flavorful condiments like hot sauce or chili oil, or anything else you feel like trying. If you're in the mood for something a bit different, reach for some frozen dumplings and prepare to be amazed.

With well-seasoned meat and veggies stuffed inside tender wrappers, frozen dumplings are the unexpected key to a more flavor-packed breakfast egg. As the dumplings cook alongside the fluffy eggs, their savory essence permeates every morsel and adds an extra layer of flavor to the egg's mild buttery taste. Depending on what the specific fillings are, you may also be rewarded with spicy, earthy, umami, or even subtly sweet nuances. Each bite is fall-apart tender but still loaded with little bits and pieces of crispy and chewy textures. It's a tantalizing contrast that adds a playful intrigue to each mouthful, taking away the usual monotony in regular fried eggs.

How exactly do you add frozen dumplings to fried eggs?

Start by spreading the dumplings in a circle with spaces separating them. Then add a bit of water and close the lid for a few minutes. While you wait, whisk the eggs and pour that mixture in the empty spaces between the dumplings. Then, close the lid again and let everything cook for a few extra minutes. In less than 10 minutes, you should have a plate of delicious dumplings with a fluffy and utterly appetizing egg skirt. This is somewhat of a spin-off from the viral dumpling skirt trend, only instead of crispy, brown-bottomed dumplings, you get an impressive golden omelet-dumplings mash-up.

To make the dish even more flavorful, there are a few ingredients you can consider adding. A dash of soy sauce, sesame oil, and scallions are great for capturing that Asian flair in an instant. If you like a bit of heat, robust spices like cayenne pepper, red chili flakes, and cumin can be sprinkled in either during or after the cooking process. While the eggs and dumplings are cooking, you can even toss in a bit of cheese for a gooey, creamy finish. For something more deeply flavorful, opt for Mediterranean influences with toppings like olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and oregano. The same thing goes for Mexican cuisine with the use of quintessentials such as black beans, corn, jalapeños, avocados, and if it's readily available, a few spoonfuls of salsa.