Prevent Burns By Using A Wooden Spoon To Open Your Instant Pot's Quick Release

If you are part of the instant pot revolution, then you know that this electric pressure cooker has a quick release that allows the float valve to move from sealed to vented once whatever wonderful recipe you are making is finished cooking. This float valve remains up while your food is cooking, but to do a quick release, you simply turn the knob from the sealed position to a vent position. Easier said than done? Working with anything that involves steam and pressure can be a little scary. That's why if your fear of getting burned kicks in when you do this, you should use a long wooden spoon to help with this process.

How it works: Simply place your wooden spoon under the handle and the valve of the lid of your instant pot. While a wooden spoon is rather light in nature, it is heavy enough to help lift the release valve without turning it. This allows the built-up steam to gradually release until the pressure is out.

Why a wooden spoon?

If you are wondering why a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon, the answer is easy. Wooden spoons are heat resistant. You don't have to worry about grabbing the spoon from your instant pot after it has released that steam and pressure and the spoon being too hot to handle. They are also superior to the type of flimsy plastic spoon you'd hand out at a party in that you don't have to worry about it breaking or melting. You also don't have to worry about a wooden spoon scratching up the surface of your instant pot.

If you can't find a wooden spoon, and depending on what instant pot model you have, you can use the thick plastic rice paddle that comes with this small appliance to open the valve. The paddle has a hole at the end of the handle that you can use to hook or latch onto the valve to easily turn it to place it in the venting position.