Rethink Eggs Benedict With Flavorful Tuna Patties As The Base

You can make eggs Benedict with a variety of added seafood proteins, including lobster, salmon, and tuna. But why not add the latter to the base of your breakfast instead of using it as a topping? With tuna patties underneath your eggs, you'll get a ton of extra flavor in your eggs Benedict — not just from the tuna, but from all the additional ingredients that give tuna patties a zingy taste, like shallots, lemon juice, lemon zest, Dijon mustard, Greek yogurt, mayo, garlic, salt, pepper, and any herbs you include. But you don't have to use these ingredients — the beauty of adding tuna patties is that you can customize them with whatever flavorings you'd like, making your breakfast as spicy or as tangy as you please.

Considering a traditional eggs Benedict recipe simply rests the poached eggs on English muffins, swapping them out for tuna patties will also give your dish a major texture upgrade. Plus, between the breadcrumbs, mayo, and fish in question, you're simply getting a more substantial dish packed with protein.

How to customize your eggs Benedict with tuna patties

To jazz up your eggs Benedict even more, incorporate some dill into the patties and spread a little cucumber cream sauce on top before you add your eggs and other toppings. Or to quickly add in a boost of flavor, start with tuna pouches instead of just a plain can of fish. Depending on which brand you choose, these products can come in fun flavors like Mediterranean herbs and spices, applewood smoked tuna, lemon and pepper, jalapeño, sundried tomato and basil, and chipotle. These would all be delicious paired with eggs Benedict, although you may want to pare down the spices in your patty recipe if you go with this option. To match your flavorful tuna, why not also try a flavored Hollandaise sauce with Cajun seasoning or sriracha?

If you'd like a hearty meal, no one's saying you can't also add a toasted English muffin underneath your tuna patty. And although a typical eggs Benedict simply uses Canadian bacon and eggs as toppings, feel free to incorporate anything that complements the taste of your tuna — sliced avocado for jalapeño-flavored fish, for example, or veggies like spinach and tomato if you're using Mediterranean herbs in the patties. With so many combinations to try, you may never go back to tuna-less eggs Benedict ever again.