Sweeten Margaritas With Honey For A Thicker Consistency

The beauty of a classic margarita is in its simplicity. All you need is tequila, limes, Cointreau, and salt to create one of the most popular cocktails in the world. However, those who enjoy things on the sweeter side often add some simple syrup or sugar to round out those flavors. While these options work well enough, we have another recommendation that will elevate the texture of your margarita in addition to its taste. For a cocktail with a velvety, full-bodied mouthfeel and a sweet taste, try adding a little bit of honey.

While there is nothing wrong with traditional sweeteners, honey offers something that they do not: high viscosity. Viscosity is, in simple terms, the thickness of a liquid. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the liquid. In your mouth, high viscosity translates to sensations of heaviness, softness, and sometimes even stickiness. By adding honey to your margarita, you are not only bringing a more complex sweetness to your drink but also a new layer to the sensory experience when the cocktail hits your tongue.

How to add honey to margaritas

If you choose to try this trick, be sure to select the right honey for the job. Different types of honey vary in texture, making some less suitable for being incorporated into cocktails than others. Whipped honey, for example, has a fluffy, almost buttery texture that will make it harder to mix into your drink. Meanwhile, honey that has crystallized may cause your cocktail to become grainy. Other types are sweet but have very pronounced flavors, like buckwheat honey, which can be too overpowering for this purpose. For best results, opt for a classic clover or wildflower honey with a semi-transparent color and runny consistency.

Adding the honey you select to your margarita is not a complex process. If making a margarita on the rocks, add 1 ounce or so to your cocktail shaker with the other ingredients. You might have to shake the drink for a few extra seconds to ensure everything is incorporated, but it is well worth it. For a frozen margarita, add the honey to the blender along with your other ingredients before you blitz them. This additional ingredient won't noticeably change the texture of your drink at first, but once the ice begins to melt, it will still result in a thicker cocktail.