Grasshopper Cocktail Fans Will Love The Lesser-Known Banshee Drink

In the realm of creamy, sweet alcoholic beverages, the vivid green Grasshopper cocktail is a popular mainstay. Its blend of refreshing mint, rich chocolate, and smooth dairy results in a simple drink that is as easy to make as it is to enjoy. If you love the Grasshopper and are looking to expand your repertoire of delicious cocktails, we have a recommendation for you. Introducing: the Banshee.

While the Banshee, also sometimes called a capri, is not often discussed, it is certainly not a new cocktail. This drink was developed in the 1970s at a well-known Wisconsin bar called Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. It quickly spread across the United States before fading out of fashion. Similar to its Grasshopper cousin, this drink is velvety in texture and has notes of cocoa, but it trades out the mint flavor for banana instead. The result is a cocktail that leans tropical instead of crisp — but carries all the same sweetness.

What's in a Banshee?

Grasshopper fans who are interested in trying out the Banshee will be pleased to know that they likely already have two out of its three ingredients in their bar cart. All you need to make this underrated drink is white crème de cacao, banana liqueur or crème de banane, and some heavy cream or half and half. 

When combined, you get a cocktail that is light brown — verging on golden — with a slightly thick consistency. The drink is served over ice in a wide variety of glasses and often comes ungarnished, though we recommend adding chocolate shavings if you are feeling fancy. The Banshee is a great fit for many types of drinkers. 

Those with a sweet tooth will find this rich, creamy dessert cocktail to be right up their alley, as well as those who prefer fruity flavors to minty ones. Plus, with only about 15% alcohol by volume, it is one of the milder cocktails available, making it an excellent option for those in search of a gentler buzz — though it can also be strengthened with rum if that's more your jam.