The Box Grater Tip For Easily Stripping Fresh Herbs

Stripping fresh herbs from their stems by hand can be a monotonous and time-consuming process, but it doesn't have to be. Do you have a box grater in your kitchen that you tend to only break out for grating blocks of cheese along with a handful of leafy herbs? Then you're in business. This cool trick was made popular by the TikTok community a few years ago, but people are still talking about it because it actually works.

Thread the stem side first of the cilantro, parsley, or even mint through one of the holes until you have a leafy bunch sticking out. Next, pull firmly at the stem from the other side and the box grater will free the herby pieces, leaving you holding the stem on one side and a rainfall of leafy, green herbs on the other. This trick works wonders and helps to ensure you aren't getting any of the stems, which can make for a bitter bite as well as a chewy and less than tasty texture. 

Use the right hole

Don't be in such a hurry that you try to pull too many stems through a single hole at one time. That will only lead to both heartache and frustration. A couple of stems at a time works best and will give you the results you want. Additionally, you should be sure you are using the right size opening on the box grater when taking advantage of this timesaving tip. 

Hearty herbs like parsley, savory, and rosemary require you to use a bigger opening on this kitchen tool, while something like dill or thyme should be moved to a smaller grate. Of course, there are some herbs that are more delicate and fragile than others and you may be better off exercising that TLC handpicking for these to ensure you don't damage them.  This includes fresh herb favorite basil, but because these leaves are large, removing them by hand may be easier.