Cayenne Pepper Gives A Much-Needed Kick To Sweet Potato Cornbread

Sweet potato cornbread brings together two southern classics to make the most decadent, delightful treat. And the sweet side dish is not just tasty, but versatile — present alongside the turkey and cranberry sauce during the holidays or along with some barbeque chicken at your summer cookout. While the combination of sweet potatoes and cornbread can't get much better by themselves, In Tasting Table's honey sweet potato cornbread dish recipe developer Jessica Morone adds cayenne along with a touch of cinnamon, to help take things up a notch with an unexpected but very welcome spicy kick.

As far as peppers go, cayenne doesn't possess a lot of smoky or earthy flavors, so it won't alter the taste of your sweet potato cornbread too much. The pepper has a neutral heat, with a hint of fruitiness, enhancing the natural sugary taste of the sweet potatoes while also balancing it out with just the right amount of spiciness so the end result isn't overly sweet. Sprinkle a small amount to the cornbread batter for some subtle heat or top the finished product off with a healthy dose if you're a spice lover. 

Use these methods to incorporate cayenne pepper into your cornbread

If you're a sweet tooth and really want to play up that aspect of sweet potato cornbread, then you may top off your dish with a drizzle of honey. The golden condiment gives the cornbread a syrupy, sweet touch. You can also bring the balancing heat by using cayenne pepper and chile seeds to make easy homemade hot honey

To give your cornbread a decadent creamy touch, we also suggest adding cayenne pepper to a cream cheese glaze for your cornbread, which could even make it ideal for a dessert. The spice pairs well with the natural tanginess of the cream cheese, balancing the sweetness of the honeyed sweet potato cornbread. Adding vanilla extract to the glaze will give it a touch of warmth, along with ground cinnamon and nutmeg to bring out the earthy flavors of the sweet potato.