Use A Potato Ricer To Squeeze Every Last Drop Of Water Out Of Thawed Spinach

Thawed frozen spinach is a versatile kitchen staple, perfect for adding a nutritious boost to countless dishes. However, there's a catch — it often retains a surprising amount of water. When you thaw spinach, whether in the microwave or overnight in the refrigerator, it releases a significant amount of moisture. Enter the potato ricer, a kitchen tool typically used for mashing potatoes. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with thawed spinach, but it's remarkably effective at extracting excess water without compromising the spinach's texture.

The potato ricer works so well because it exerts even, gentle pressure on the thawed spinach. This helps to release water without turning the spinach into mush. Squeezing spinach by hand can be labor-intensive and messy. In contrast, the potato ricer offers a quick and clean solution, making meal preparation more efficient. Potato ricers also tend to press far more water out of the spinach than you could squeeze out by hand. No more burning your hands with hot spinach water or getting a towel burn from wringing as hard as you can. 

How to best use the potato ricer

To best use a potato ricer for frozen spinach, start by thawing the frozen spinach as usual and allow it to drain in a fine-mesh strainer. You can gently press it with a spoon to help release some water initially. Once the excess water has drained, transfer the spinach to the potato ricer's basket. Position the potato ricer over a bowl or sink and gently squeeze the handles. Watch as the water drains away, leaving you with perfectly dry spinach. Incorporate your water-free spinach into your recipes with confidence, knowing that it won't introduce excess moisture.

While the potato ricer method is a game-changer for thawed spinach, its versatility extends to other ingredients as well. You can use it to remove excess water from cooked greens, and even certain foods like tomatoes or beets.

In the quest for perfect spinach dishes, the potato ricer emerges as a surprising yet invaluable tool for dealing with thawed frozen spinach. Say farewell to watery meals and hello to culinary success, one squeeze at a time.