Leftover Pulled Pork Is Just The Topping Your French Fries Needed

Anyone who says there's nothing more delicious than french fries has probably never tried topping them with pulled pork. Although we won't deny that plain fries do hit the spot, they can also benefit with the help of something extra. Drawing inspiration from loaded fries, we recommend adding last night's leftover pulled pork to a bed of golden fried chips. Simple, yet scrumptious, it's a definite must-try.

You might be asking yourself, why add pulled pork to french fries as opposed to other toppings? Our answer to that question is, why not? Combining the two is a creative way to give leftovers a makeover that's sure to intrigue — thank golden french fries for that. Plus, because the pork is used like a garnish, this is ideal for times when you lack enough meat to make it the star of a dish but still want to repurpose leftovers in a waste-free and cost-effective way.

Of course, pairing pulled pork and fries has its perks, both texturally and flavor-wise. When added to crispy french fries, juicy and tender pulled pork provides the ideal contrast of textures. Similarly, while fries and pork have a savory edge, salt-kissed spuds are a great neutral base for the sweetly saucy shredded pork to shine.

For the best pulled pork fries, follow these tips

In theory, any type of fry can be used, spud and sweet potato alike. However, for the best results, we recommend classic straight-cut or crinkle fries as they'll be sturdier than shoestring versions but not quite as bulky as steak-cut fries — but we aren't opposed to waffle fries either. That said, the one non-negotiable is cooking fries until they're golden brown and ultra-crisp. Limp and undercooked fries will only turn to mush under a scoop of saucy pulled pork, which is why a well-cooked fry is a must. 

Despite the fact that pulled pork can be a flavorful addition to french fries, you could also go a step further by adding a few other tasty toppings. To emphasize the meat's smoky goodness, add crunchy fried onions and a drizzle of barbecue sauce. For a fresher twist, dollop on salsa, guac, and sour cream. You could even craft a poutine with cheese curds and a drizzle of rich gravy. Just don't forget to strategically layer the pulled pork between fries and toppings so that every bite is as delicious as the next. 

The next time you're saddled with leftover pulled pork, don't think of it as a burden. Instead, consider it a blessing, as now you have a reason to make drool-worthy loaded fries topped with decadent pulled pork!