Transform Butternut Squash Soup With A Rich Swirl Of Greek Yogurt

Soup season is the best season — which, as luck would have it, can technically be any time of year so long as the craving is there. Vast and varied as the catalog of soups may be, we're big fans of creamy butternut squash. Honeyed yet earthy, a basic and blitzed squash soup can be incredibly delicious. However, more often than not, butternut squash soup can benefit from an upgrade or two. While you could play with flavor by sprinkling in spice or crumbling in savory chorizo, we recommend amping up richness and complexity with a swirl of Greek yogurt.

If you want to craft a better butternut squash soup, look no further than Greek yogurt. Thick and velvety, it can transform the soup's consistency from thin and watery to luscious and creamy. Along with adding some body, Greek yogurt can also drastically improve flavor. Still neutral enough to let squash shine, the ingredient does have a mild tang that can make any recipe interesting. Plus, the yogurt's acidic edge does only balance the delicate sweetness of the squash, but elevates other nuanced flavors that need brightening up.

Lastly, Greek yogurt is a healthier way to go about imparting decadence. In comparison to using ingredients like one-dimensional heavy cream or tangy (but calorie-dense) sour cream, Greek yogurt is a well-rounded choice that provides both protein and even beneficial probiotics. Greek yogurt is a worthwhile addition to butternut squash soup for more reasons than one.

Incorporate Greek yogurt, the right way

First things first, start with the proper Greek yogurt. Rather than reduced-fat or light versions, seek out full-fat Greek yogurt. Since fat equals flavor, this will produce the tastiest and most creamy result. Likewise, always select plain yogurt. Unsweetened and unflavored options will be the most neutral base for butternut squash soup. With the right yogurt in tow, you can think about how to add it to your recipe. 

Anytime you add dairy to something hot, you risk curdling — working Greek yogurt into soup is no exception. As a result, it's best to take a few precautions like tempering the yogurt to avoid ruining your recipe. Simply add a ladle of warm soup to a bowl and whisk in about a ½ cup of Greek yogurt, before adding it back into the pot. This allows cold yogurt to gently warm up and prevent it from breaking due to the drastic change in temperature. That said, once combined, don't let the soup come to a boil as this can also trigger curdling.

Want to add more visual pizzazz? Garnish with a swirl of Greek yogurt for the perfect final touch. If the yogurt is too thick, thin it with a splash of water prior to drizzling. Just remember that even then, the soup should never be scalding hot so as not to negatively impact the yogurt. After all, the last thing you'd want to do is wreck your soup, moments away from digging in!