Fritters Are The Only Excuse You Need To Buy Canned Baby Corn

Canned baby corn is one of those products you've probably contemplated at the grocery store and wondered what you could use it for. A stir fry is the obvious choice, but consider this: Canned baby corn is a natural fit to make batter-dipped fritters. Ideal as a party snack or served as an appetizer, miniature baby corn ears have a strong visual appeal and are just the right size for finger food. Ready to use straight out of the can, they're tender but crunchy, and hold up well when fried.

Baby corn is just "regular" corn harvested while immature, before the buildup of sugar in the plant that happens after pollination. Because it's picked so early, it lacks that sweet flavor we associate with summer corn. The flavor profile of baby corn is mild and somewhat neutral compared to that of full-size corn, but this works well in a fritter meant to be served with a dipping sauce.

How to make baby corn fritters

The process of making baby corn fritters is simple. Start by draining the can and rinsing the corn. If you wish to, you can blanch the ears in boiling water for a few minutes to soften their texture, but that's optional. Either way, be sure to pat the ears dry on a towel before battering. As with anything you plan to fry, dry ingredients are a must. Depending on their size, either slice the baby corn in half lengthwise for easier frying, or if small enough, leave them as is. 

Mix up a basic batter of flour and eggs — a tempura batter would work well — and dip the baby corn in it. Deep fry each one for a few minutes until golden brown, then lay them on a drying rack on top of a baking sheet to allow the excess oil to drip off while retaining the crispiness of the crust.

You can tinker with the flavor of the batter by adding seasonings to it, such as chili powder or cumin. The fritters also lend themselves to experimenting with different dipping sauces. Sweet Thai chili sauce would work well with these, as would a garlic aioli. You could even try dusting your fritters with a touch of powdered sugar for a sweet and savory taste.