13 Best Shark Tank Products For Your Thanksgiving Cooking Needs

Thanksgiving is a day synonymous with gratitude, togetherness, and a lavish feast. For many, it's not just about the plump turkey, obsession-worthy side dishes, or even the decadent pies, but rather about cherishing and creating memorable moments with loved ones.

While each gathering — be it a traditional family meal or Friendsgiving — has its treasured traditions, we believe in sprinkling a little innovation into the mix. Sometimes, finding inspiration for those changes can be difficult, and that's why we love the inventors of the "Shark Tank" world. Over the years, this show has introduced us to a myriad of game-changing "Shark Tank" food and kitchen gadgets that are tailor-made to elevate our kitchen and Thanksgiving experience. From prep work to serving and even savoring leftovers, these products ensure that our time spent in the kitchen is as delightful as the time around the dining table. These remarkable "Shark Tank" finds promise to make your Thanksgiving more delectable, streamlined, and memorable than ever.

1. Boarderie

Imagining your Thanksgiving meal before it unfolds can feel like a delightful daydream. You likely envision the array of side dishes complementing a succulent main course. You picture warm hugs with family members, cherished moments with the little ones, and the joy of savoring a tasty meal before settling in for some football. Amidst the day's excitement, it's easy to overlook the idea of offering appetizers or hors d'oeuvres. These act as an icebreaker for relatives or friends reuniting after some time and give the hosts a buffer before the main meal is served. This is where Boarderie shines as a simple yet elegant addition to your Thanksgiving celebration.

These lavish boards can be shipped to your doorstep quickly, ensuring they're ready for display when you need them. You can even select your delivery day. Available in many styles, some can also be customized to your liking. The diversity of offerings is not just visually captivating, but the food is delectable. Plus, the boards also come in different sizes to suit the size of your gathering. If you're traveling for Thanksgiving instead of hosting, Boarderie makes a fantastic contribution to any festivity. When founders Aaron Menitoff and Rachel Solomon presented their brilliant enterprise on "Shark Tank," it garnered significant interest. Ultimately, Lori Graneer struck a deal with this esteemed cheese and charcuterie company.

2. Air Cork Wine Preserver

A meat and cheese board paired with a delightful glass of wine is a match made in culinary heaven. In every family, however, you'll find a range of wine preferences. Some favor their wine ultra-sweet and ice cold, while others relish it at room temperature with a dry finish. Consequently, post-Thanksgiving might mean a lot of partially finished wine bottles. While it might seem like much of this wine would go to waste, the Air Cork Wine Preserver ensures that leftover wine retains its quality for longer, minimizing wastage.

Eric Corti introduced this innovative wine preserving balloon on Season Three of "Shark Tank." He initially secured a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban for 100% equity. Yet, the deal eventually fell through, and Corti persisted with his venture independently. The Air Cork is remarkably user-friendly: Simply insert the balloon into your wine bottle so it just grazes the wine's surface, use the grape-shaped pump to inflate the balloon until it makes contact with the bottle's sides, and the seal is complete. This minimizes air exposure, a critical factor in preserving wine's integrity longer than just re-corking or using a bottle cap. Plus, the dangling grapes add a whimsical touch to the entire setup.

3. Cup Board Pro

Beyond the act of cooking and serving a Thanksgiving meal, a significant portion of the holiday revolves around the extensive preparation process. The days leading up to Thanksgiving are often filled with a flurry of activities: shopping for ingredients, meticulous slicing and dicing, careful mixing, and seemingly constant washing. The sheer volume of prep work can feel overwhelming at times.

Enter the Cup Board Pro — a beacon of efficiency in the world of culinary preparation. This innovative cutting board was the brainchild of Keith Young, a dedicated firefighter with a passion for cooking. Tragically, Young passed away in March of 2018. To honor his memory and realize his vision, his children Kaley, Christian, and Keira Young appeared on "Shark Tank," championing their father's invention. Their heartfelt pitch, coupled with the product's evident utility, led to all sharks collaborating in a deal for the Cup Board Pro.

What sets the Cup Board Pro apart is its thoughtful design. Integrated into the board is a groove that houses a slide-out catch tray. As you chop and dice, you can effortlessly sweep unwanted food scraps into this tray, streamlining the prep process. Not only does this reduce mess and waste, but it also accelerates the preparation time. With tools like the Cup Board Pro, achieving that perfect Thanksgiving meal becomes just a tad easier and more efficient.

4. Turbo Trusser

The centerpiece of many Thanksgiving feasts is undoubtedly the turkey. While the choice of turkey as the main dish is iconic, the method of cooking it remains versatile. From smoked to fried, roasted to baked, there are myriad ways to prepare this festive bird. One culinary technique to enhance its presentation and evenness in cooking is trussing. Although trussing can sometimes be a challenging task, the Turbo Trusser simplifies the procedure and helps create a juicier final dish. For those stuffing their turkey, this nifty gadget is a game-changer. It assists in retaining the moisture of the stuffing, preventing it from becoming dry or acquiring a stale texture.

Moreover, the versatility of the Turbo Trusser is impressive. Regardless of whether you're deep frying, smoking, roasting, or employing another cooking method, this tool is compatible. Then, post-cooking, you can toss the Turbo Trusser directly into the dishwasher, making the cleanup simple too. Investing in such tools can transform your Thanksgiving cooking experience, offering ease, efficiency, and excellence.

5. Mighty Carver

Once the turkey is perfectly cooked, the spotlight shifts to the moment of carving. This tradition of gathering around the turkey, eagerly awaiting its masterful dissection, is one popular ritual of a grand Thanksgiving feast. While some families approach this ceremony with understated elegance, others embrace the theatricality of the occasion.

For those seeking to elevate this customary carving moment into a lively spectacle, the Mighty Carver is a tool worth considering. Far from being just another electric carving knife, the Mighty Carver is designed to resemble a chainsaw. This unexpected aesthetic adds a touch of whimsy and drama to the carving process. Kim and Lance Burney introduced this striking electric knife to the world on "Shark Tank" in its 12th season and secured a deal with Daymond John.

The Mighty Carver doesn't just bring flair to your Thanksgiving carving session; it's also an exceptional gift idea. Consider gifting it to the culinary enthusiast in your family, especially if they love preparing sizable meat dishes requiring some carving. This tool combines functionality with fun, ensuring the carving tradition remains memorable year after year.

6. Echo Valley Meats

For families who enjoy ham rather than turkey during their festive feasts, Echo Valley Meats should be on your radar. This brand stands out not just for its quality meats but also for its unique connection to the "Shark Tank" universe. Dave Alwan, the brain behind Echo Valley Meats, has graced the "Shark Tank" stage not once, but twice.

In his 2012 debut, Alwan didn't manage to secure a deal even though the sharks loved the product. Even still, the impact of his inaugural appearance on "Shark Tank" was undeniable, with the company witnessing a staggering 600% surge in sales post-show. However, during his second stint in 2015, he struck a partnership with Mark Cuban.

But it's not just about the numbers; the quality of these products speaks for themselves. Echo Valley Meats boasts an array of ham varieties, allowing you to pick the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table. Beyond just ham, the brand also offers a delectable range of appetizers, dips, and spreads. These are ideal accompaniments for your main course or perfect for serving as starters during any festive gathering.

7. Frywall

Fried food undoubtedly adds a delightful crunch to our Thanksgiving spread, but the accompanying mess is far from appetizing. The Frywall is a savior for all fried food enthusiasts. This flexible barrier conveniently fits inside your pan, serving as a protective shield and helpful frying tool to fight against sizzling and splattering oil flying out of your pan. With Frywall, you can bid farewell to unsightly oil splatters everywhere and avoid those painful accidental burns.

The Frywall offers more versatility in more ways than just frying. For instance, when cooking ingredients like spinach, which starts as a huge pile but shrinks considerably when cooking, this helpful tool can extend the overall height of your fry pan, ensuring nothing spills over.

Yair Reiner's pitch on "Shark Tank" in 2018 showcased the genuine utility of the Frywall, convincing Lori Greiner of its potential. This deal brought Frywall into many more kitchens, allowing fried food fans to indulge without the dreaded post-cooking cleanup. Equipped with a Frywall, you can seamlessly integrate fried delights into your menu while also making sure your kitchen remains spotless and ready to welcome your holiday guests.

8. FryAway

Once you've whipped up fried dishes with the aid of Frywall, the question is how do you get rid of that cooking oil? Disposing of used frying oil isn't as simple as tipping it down the drain; in fact, that's a method to avoid given its potential plumbing problems. This is where FryAway comes to the rescue, offering an eco-friendly and efficient solution.

FryAway is a plant-based powder that transforms your leftover liquid oil into a manageable solid. Once this transformation occurs, you can effortlessly scoop out the solidified oil and dispose of it alongside regular trash. Tailored to various frying needs, FryAway offers a range of options: Pan Fry caters to smaller dishes with minimal oil, Deep Fry addresses those indulgent deep frying sessions, and Super Fry provides versatility to handle either amount.

Opting for FryAway is a significant upgrade over typical oil disposal methods, such as storing it in cans or glass containers. Not only does it provide a cleaner disposal process, but the solidified oil is designed to decompose more rapidly than oil left in containers, making it a more environmentally conscious choice.

9. Palmini

When it comes to side dishes, mashed potatoes certainly stand out as a classic comfort food. While there's undeniable charm in a hearty mound of mashed potatoes, our curiosity often prompts us to explore and innovate. If you're like us and constantly looking to broaden your palette, Palmini offers an exciting alternative.

Introduced to the "Shark Tank" audience by Alfonso Tejada, Palmini boasts a range of delightful products derived from hearts of palm. These offerings span linguine, angel hair, lasagna, rice, and, notably for Thanksgiving meals, a mashed variant. While this may be quite different from the traditional mashed potato you've savored over the years, it's definitely a fun twist.

The beauty of Palmini's mashed version lies in its simplicity. Comprising only hearts of palm, water, sea salt, and citric acid, it offers a neutral taste profile that readily absorbs and complements additional seasonings. This adaptability ensures you can mold this side dish to your liking. Classic toppings like gravy, butter, and chives effortlessly meld with Palmini's mashed product. However, those feeling adventurous, even during this traditional meal, can also introduce unique seasonings to harmonize with the broader meal theme.

10. Anytongs

Once you have all the food set out for Thanksgiving, especially if your family runs Thanksgiving like something of a buffet, the next question comes: Where are the serving utensils? If your family is quite large, there's a chance you run out of tongs quickly, but you have plenty of other silverware. That's why an invention like the Anytongs is so handy.

Anytongs transform your everyday forks and spoons into efficient serving tongs in mere seconds. This means, instead of scrounging around for that elusive pair of tongs, you can quickly repurpose your regular silverware, ensuring the smooth flow of your buffet line. Not only do they eliminate the need for multiple serving tools, but they also exemplify adaptability and resourcefulness.

Furthermore, if you're not hosting but are instead contributing dishes to a Thanksgiving meal elsewhere, Anytongs provide the perfect solution for serving on the go. Instead of packing a plethora of utensils, just bring along the Anytongs. Pair them up with a fork and spoon, and voila — you have a functional serving tong ready for action.

11. Perfect Parchment

No Thanksgiving feast feels truly fulfilled without indulging in a delicious collection of desserts like classic pumpkin pie, sumptuous brownies, and golden blondies. But as delightful as these treats are, they often leave behind a sticky, stubborn mess in your baking pans. While oil or traditional parchment paper can help this issue, they come with their own challenges. Oil might alter the taste and texture of your desserts, and conventional parchment paper can sometimes be a hassle to cut and fit. That's why The Smart Baker's Perfect Parchment is a game-changer in the baking world.

These pre-cut parchment paper sheets are ingeniously designed to ensure hassle-free baking. They offer a straightforward solution that simplifies both the baking and serving processes. No more fumbling around with scissors or wrestling with rolled parchment paper; Perfect Parchment always provides an exact fit. Plus, many sheet types even have handles that help you pull desserts right from their pan.

Despite the thoughtful minds behind The Smart Baker and their innovative product, Perfect Parchment, the lack of a deal on "Shark Tank" doesn't diminish the product's utility. This baking essential is perfect for those who love their desserts but dread the post-baking clean-up. With Perfect Parchment in your baking arsenal, you can focus on crafting your delectable desserts, knowing that the aftermath will be a breeze to handle.

12. Mr. Tod's Pie Factory

If your culinary strengths don't quite extend to baking, there's no shame in opting for a pre-ordered dessert to grace your Thanksgiving table. Sometimes, the perfect solution is just a click away, to create a dessert spread that is impressive without taking too much unnecessary stress if you don't feel desserts are your forte. That's why we love the remarkable offerings from Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, the very first contestant on "Shark Tank."

When Tod Wilson took the stage in the tank, he passionately pitched his venture, not just as a pie company, but as the next colossal entity in the food industry. His initial success was with Sweet Potato Pies, which made his brand a local favorite. Now, with the convenience of online ordering, it's not far-fetched to say that Wilson's pies can become the coveted centerpiece of many a family's Thanksgiving dessert spread nationwide.

What particularly stands out is the versatility of the pie sizes offered. For a personal indulgence, the four-inch pies are perfect, allowing each guest to savor their own little piece of perfect pie. For those interested in sharing, the larger 10-inch pies are ideal, ensuring there's enough deliciousness to go around.

13. Souper Cubes

While it might seem an afterthought amidst the Thanksgiving flurry, strategizing for leftovers will help you stay ahead of the game. Once the turkey is all but a carcass and the last dollop of green bean casserole has been savored, the looming task of storage begins. With bounteous amounts of food remaining, the freezer becomes your best friend.

Souper Cubes are your ultimate solution to this post-Thanksgiving conundrum. The Souper Cubes pitch on "Shark Tank" showcased their incredible utility, with several Sharks vying to bite into the deal. But it was Lori Greiner who clinched it, wielding her golden ticket. These robust storage cubes not only make tidying up leftovers a breeze but also elevate the reheating game.

Crafted with flexibility in mind, these trays come in a variety of portion sizes. Whether you're reheating a snack or an entire meal, you're guaranteed just the right amount, eliminating waste. Imagine diving into grandma's cherished mashed potatoes repeatedly, each serving as heartwarming as the last and offering a delicious taste of Thanksgiving many days later.