15 Best Shark Tank Kitchen Gadgets Ever

Over the years, "Shark Tank" has become more than just a platform for budding entrepreneurs; it's a way for us to learn about incredible innovations, particularly when it comes to culinary gadgets and tools, as well as mouthwatering food products. From tools designed to simplify traditionally intricate processes to those that redefine how we perform everyday kitchen tasks, "Shark Tank" has showcased them all. Every episode, we find ourselves in eager anticipation, hoping to discover another gem that makes our cooking experiences both simpler and more enjoyable.

We've found that the brilliance often lies in inventors' ability to identify common culinary challenges and craft ingenious solutions to address them. We love products that infuse our day-to-day routines with efficiency and enhance the flavor quotient of our meals, so when inventors swim in with products tailored for the kitchen, we are instinctively drawn in, ever eager to incorporate these innovations into our culinary lives.


A great beer in the comfort of your own home is what we all want, but the trouble is that bottled or canned beer simply isn't as enjoyable as a beer straight from a tap at your favorite pub. Fizzics brings that experience to your kitchen with technology that enhances beer and even replicates that iconic foamy head you get from the tap.

Philip Petracca and David McDonald, the masterminds behind Fizzics' draft beer system, introduced this groundbreaking invention to the Sharks, promising an elevation in the beer-drinking experience. Through a series of tastings, the Sharks were convinced of the transformative powers of Fizzics. It was clear that the gadget did more than just pour beer; it amplified the flavor and refined the texture of the beers filtered through the system, creating a symphony of senses with every sip.

Fizzics' potential resonated with Lori Greiner, leading the duo to secure a deal. This compact, portable machine is not merely a gadget; it is a gateway to transforming a humble home bar into a sought-after gathering spot for friends and family. It melds simplicity with gourmet indulgence, allowing users to revel in the sophisticated flavors of a pub-like beer within their abodes.

Souper Cubes

Chances are, when you think of ice, you're visualizing ordinary cubes, but Souper Cubes takes it a step further. Jake and Michelle Sendowski introduced this innovation to the tank, highlighting the trays' capacity to revolutionize how we deal with leftovers. The concept is straightforward — store your leftover meals in precisely portioned silicone freezer trays to combat food waste and facilitate hassle-free ice removal.

This product was conceived to make the relish of home-cooked meals as straightforward as opting for a freezer meal — with the warmth and freshness of home-cooked cuisine intact. It's noteworthy how meticulously these trays are crafted — showcasing robustness where needed and flexibility where it's due.

Lori Greiner's deal on Shark Tank mirrored precisely what the creators were aspiring for, earning them not just a deal, but her golden ticket, as well. The convenience and thoughtful design of Souper Cubes are what makes them a standout addition to any kitchen, aiming to blend convenience with home-cooked goodness effectively. Plus, as the brand has expanded, there are now new applications the cubes can be used for, like storing milk for infants, for example.


Frying foods in the kitchen is undeniably delicious, but let's face it — it can create quite a splatter mess. Yair Reiner introduced his silicone guard pan protectors to the tank, providing a seemingly simple resolution to this chaotic ordeal, instantly captivating the Sharks and creating a fantastic frying tool to help cut your clean-up time. While a splatter screen has its merits, it can hinder easy access to your food, making the cooking process slightly cumbersome.

What's more, Reiner demonstrated that, beyond just containing splatters from frying meats, the Frywall is versatile enough to hold greens in large quantities before they are cooked down. Anyone who has ever wilted spinach can attest to the value of having an extra tall wall to manage the heap of greens before they collapse.

This patented kitchen tool presents an uncomplicated yet highly effective solution to common kitchen conundrums. The Sharks immediately recognized its potential utility, and it wasn't long before several offers were on the table. Yair Reiner found his golden ticket in a deal with Lori Greiner, adding another innovative, practical tool to her collection of successful investments.

Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glasses

Beach outings, picnics, and boat trips obviously become much more enjoyable with wine, and Goverre has refined the experience by introducing an ultra-convenient way to pour, seal, and transport your wine without any fuss. Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher entered the Shark Tank with their innovatively designed glasses, featuring a silicone sleeve, a sippy top, and a sealable cup that can be effortlessly tossed into your bag.

This sleek, practical design immediately struck a chord with the Sharks, resulting in Shannon and Regan walking away with a collaborative deal involving Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. Since then, the brand has been on an upward trajectory, expanding its portfolio by introducing a variety of colors and shapes of glasses.

Goverre's portable stemless wine glasses are not merely about carrying wine; they encapsulate a blend of style, convenience, and functionality, enabling wine enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite drinks wherever they go without compromising elegance. The innovation doesn't just stop at practicality; the diverse range of colors and shapes allows users to choose their style, making every sip a personalized experience.

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

For those with a sweet tooth, brownies are an undeniable favorite, particularly those coveted edge pieces that offer the perfect blend of chewiness and caramelization. Matt and Emily Griffin brought this understanding to a new level by designing a brownie pan, ensuring that every brownie cooked has at least two of those scrumptious edges to relish.

When the inventive duo showcased their pan, along with a few additional ideas, to the Sharks, there was an undeniable appreciation for the product. The innovative design appealed to the Sharks, offering a solution to a common baker's desire. However, despite the pan's excellence and the palpable liking for the product, the Sharks found the business plan less than appealing, and the brand left the tank without a partner.

Even though a deal wasn't secured, the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan stands out as a splendid offering for baking aficionados who strive for brownie perfection. It caters to those who crave the optimal texture and taste in their brownies, guaranteeing that every piece is a delightful experience.

FunBites Food Cutter

Every parent of young children knows the challenges posed by picky eaters. FunBites brings a delightful solution to this frequent dilemma, making mealtime more appealing to the little ones. These innovative cutters are available in various shapes and designs, providing cool and enticing ways to present food to young, discerning palates, potentially encouraging them to embrace a wider, healthier range of food options.

FunBites is exceptionally versatile, perfect for transforming sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables into exciting, bite-sized pieces that are just as fun to play with as they are to eat. It was evident to the Sharks that the product not only worked well but also harbored the potential to turn mealtime into a joyful experience for both parents and children. The concept was met with approval from the Sharks, resonating with them and generating interest.

Bobbie, the innovator behind FunBites, ultimately secured a deal with Lori, although other Sharks expressed considerable interest in partnering. Following FunBites' Shark Tank appearance, it continues to sell well and even earn awards. This innovative food cutter shows how a simple, playful approach to food presentation can alter the dining landscape for kids, making healthier eating habits an enjoyable journey rather than a chore.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

Ramen holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to whipping up a speedy meal. It's a versatile dish that can be adorned with various toppings and ingredients to suit individual tastes. However, the conventional cooking method can be time-consuming, and microwaving often fails to replicate the same authentic flavor and texture achieved on the stovetop.

Christopher Johnson saw an opportunity in this and innovated a product that promises stove-top quality ramen in a fraction of the time. The Rapid Ramen Cooker combines convenience with quality, attracting significant interest from the Sharks. A deal was eventually clinched with Mark Cuban, underscoring the product's potential to transform the ramen-making process.

For lovers of ramen, this cooker is a remarkable find, eliminating the wait without compromising on taste. It's not just a kitchen essential for ramen enthusiasts but also an exceptional gift, particularly for college students embarking on their new journey, enabling them to enjoy their favorite meals swiftly and deliciously.

Perfect Parchment

Parchment paper is undeniably a kitchen superhero, making cleanup a breeze and ensuring a non-stick surface for all our baked delights. However, preparing it can be a tad tedious, and while there are a myriad of tricks to make it more manageable, the extra steps can feel overwhelming, especially when in a rush to get something into the oven.

This is where companies like Perfect Parchment step in, revolutionizing our baking experiences by eliminating the fuss associated with preparing parchment paper. Perfect Parchment, a product line offered by The Smart Baker, provides pre-cut parchment paper, meticulously sized to fit various baking pans, including square, rectangle, and round cake pans, as well as cookie sheets. The brand even offers larger bundles for extensive baking needs.

What sets Perfect Parchment apart are the ingenious little handles on the paper, allowing for seamless extraction of cakes and baked goods from the pans. This innovation was introduced in Shark Tank by The Smart Baker's creators, Daniel and Stephanie Rensing, who presented it along with other ideas. Their ingenuity and vision resonated well in the tank, securing them a deal with Barbara Corcoran, but it unfortunately fell through after the show.


For the dedicated snack lover, balancing the enjoyment of favorite treats with other tasks can be a tricky endeavor. Whether indulging in a cheesy delight or a highly flavorful morsel, the residual powder or seasoning can unintentionally spread to undesired places, thanks to our snack-engaged fingers. And, sure, napkins can help make the mess manageable, but no one wants a pile of used, dirty napkins hanging out nearby.

Enter Snactiv, an ingenious snacking accessory designed to make multitasking while snacking a seamless experience. Acting like miniature chopsticks attached to your fingers, Snactiv allows snack aficionados to enjoy their treats without the messy aftermath, keeping fingers clean and residue-free.

The Sharks found this concept intriguing and entertaining, a sentiment that resonates with us as well. The creative minds behind this innovation, Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, successfully garnered the interest of Lori Greiner and guest Shark Kevin Hart during their appearance in the tank, walking away with a deal that promises to redefine our snacking experiences.

Pizza Pack

There's so much to love about pizza. However, the challenge often arises when we can't finish the whole pizza in one sitting. This predicament usually results in bulky pizza boxes cramming our refrigerators as we attempt to save the delicious leftovers for later — quite a hassle, considering the premium on fridge space.

Enter Pizza Pack — a brilliant solution designed to alleviate the storage woes associated with leftover pizza. It offers a compact and convenient way to store pizza slices in your refrigerator, eliminating the need for unwieldy boxes that monopolize valuable space. But that's not all; Pizza Pack also provides handy plates to reheat your pizza slices, allowing for easy transportation, whether you are planning to enjoy them at the office or packing them for your kids' lunch.

The innovative mind behind this practical invention is repeat inventor and showman Tate Koenig. His ingenious approach to pizza storage captivated the Sharks, earning him a deal with Lori Greiner, and all this transpired in front of a live audience, adding an extra layer of excitement to the pitch and negotiations.

Cup Board Pro

Every so often, a Shark Tank pitch emerges that transcends the product itself, intertwining profoundly with the backstory of the invention. Such was the case with Cup Board Pro, a presentation that was as much about family and legacy as it was about innovative kitchenware.

Christian, Keira, and Kaley Young graced the Shark Tank stage to showcase their late father's brainchild — a meticulously crafted cutting board featuring an integrated pocket for collecting scraps. Engineered for supreme durability, the Cup Board Pro aims to streamline kitchen prep, allowing users to expend less time on meal preparation and more on savoring the results with loved ones.

The foundational ethos behind this invention was to foster familial bonds through shared culinary experiences, a principle that resonated deeply with the Young siblings. Their pitch was especially poignant, as they had lost their firefighter father to cancer and chose to honor and continue his legacy through this thoughtful invention. The emotional depth and heartfelt dedication encapsulated in the Cup Board Pro moved the Sharks profoundly, leading them to a unanimous decision to collaboratively invest in the product.


Observing a young child navigating through their mealtime can be a chaotic yet heartwarming spectacle, with messiness being a given. Having endured this very messy experience firsthand led Lindsey Laurain to create an ingenious line of plates and bowls meticulously designed for the messiest little eaters.

Ezpz's array of products is engineered to firmly adhere to surfaces, ensuring the plate stays put regardless of the playful or stubborn tugs from your child. It's not just about plates and bowls; Ezpz also offers larger combinations of placemats and bowls, significantly minimizing the mealtime mess on your tables. Since pitching, the company continues to come out with products like the Tiny Cup, meant to help little ones learn how to drink out of an open cup.

Even though Lindsey passionately demonstrated the utility and resilience of Ezpz products in the Shark Tank, and despite the evident functionality and appeal, she did not secure a deal. However, this setback didn't overshadow the brilliance of the product and its usefulness in the lives of parents to young children.

Flip-It! Cap

Extracting every last drop from your favorite products often seems like an overwhelming, futile endeavor, leading to considerable product wastage. The innovative solution by Steve Epstein, named the Flip-It! Cap, seeks to alleviate this widespread problem, ensuring you utilize every bit of your product with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

The Flip-It! Cap is designed to attach to any screw-top bottle, allowing users to efficiently empty the contents and reach every last drop with ease. This cap converts conventional bottles into a practical, bottom-dispensing container, ensuring you get the maximum out of your products and minimize waste.

Though this reusable tool may not have captivated the Sharks sufficiently to secure a deal, it's sheer practicality and user-friendly design have earned our admiration. We appreciate it for its straightforward approach to addressing everyday inconveniences and its contribution to promoting a more sustainable and waste-free lifestyle in the kitchen, as well as other places in your home.


The environmental impact of plastic straws has ignited substantial debate and concern, given their prevalence in oceans, beaches, and landfills, contributing to alarming levels of pollution. Recognizing this escalating issue, FinalStraw offers a solution to straw lovers: Don't waste one, just bring your own.

FinalStraw distinguishes itself through its sleek design and collapsibility, offering a remarkably convenient alternative for avid straw users. This is particularly beneficial for patrons of establishments that have either stopped providing straws or have shifted to paper straws that often disintegrate, becoming soggy quickly. With FinalStraw, you can enjoy your beverages without compromising on functionality or contributing to environmental degradation.

Although FinalStraw did not secure a deal in the Shark Tank, we find immense value in the product and appreciate its innovative, collapsible feature. It's an embodiment of eco-consciousness and is a practical, stylish, and sustainable alternative in a world grappling with the consequences of plastic pollution.

Turbo Trusser

Cooking a turkey or chicken can be approached in many ways, but ensuring it stays succulently juicy and moist inside is a universal culinary aspiration, and trussing is a tried-and-true method to accomplish this. Traditionally, butcher's twine plays a crucial role in this process, a method that is both effective and classic. However, the Turbo Trusser is a groundbreaking and environmentally conscious alternative that offers a reusable, uncomplicated tool, guaranteeing the desired trussing effect without the fuss.

Brian Halasinski and Kirk Hyust, the minds behind this innovation, brought the Turbo Trusser into the spotlight on Shark Tank, passionately demonstrating its effectiveness and user-friendly design. Kevin O'Leary, after having the exclusive opportunity to experience the Turbo Trusser's practicality himself, was visibly impressed and quickly recognized the boundless potential of this distinctive kitchen gadget. He decided to invest in this promising venture, and the deal was closed on the very day the show broadcasted.