The 14 Best Shark Tank Food Products Ever

"Shark Tank" isn't merely a television show; it's a journey of discovery, innovation, and — quite importantly — flavor. It's not just the haven for inspirational stories of aspirational entrepreneurs; it's a treasure trove of diverse and innovative culinary delights. Every season, a plethora of food pitches vie for the sharks' attention, introducing us to a wide array of creations, each with its own unique twist.

These foods are more than mere moments of television glory; they sometimes become cherished treats in our own kitchens, merging into our pantries and meal plans. The showcased products are the ones that don't just satiate our hunger but also speak to our culinary curiosity, prompting us to track them down in stores or online.

Whether you're a food enthusiast or simply someone with an appreciation for flavorsome innovations, these "Shark Tank" features will tantalize your taste buds. The savory world of "Shark Tank" offers memorable, delicious, and downright irresistible food products that make us eager to sample new offerings from these ventures.

Bantam Bagels

New York is famed for its iconic, sizable bagels, a staple that Bantam Bagels aimed to reinvent with their bite-sized bagel balls filled with cream cheese. These miniature treats, though delicious, didn't fully replicate the indulgent experience of a full-sized New York bagel; instead, these bites offered something new.

Bantam Bagels captured the interest of consumers and "Shark Tank" investor Lori Greiner, who invested $275,000 for a 25% stake in the company. The bagels' popularity soared, even landing them a spot on Starbucks' menu.

However, after a $34 million buyout by the T. Marzetti Company, and a subsequent recall of some bagels in 2022 due to mislabeling issues, the company decided to exit the business, citing a lack of profitability. This decision led to the disappearance of Bantam Bagels from grocery store shelves. The journey of Bantam Bagels underscores the challenges of innovating and scaling food products, even those that resonate with consumers and receive notable investments.

Nature's Wild Berry

Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni, the minds behind Nature's Wild Berry, brought "Shark Tank a berry" that miraculously transforms the flavor profile of any subsequent food consumed, securing a deal with Greiner and Mark Cuban. To unleash the magic of the berry, you simply consume it, allowing it to thoroughly coat your tongue, and then savor different foods and drinks. What ensues is a heightened, sweeter-tasting experience, altering the inherent flavor of the consumed item.

This berry is not just a sweet addition to the culinary world; it's a game-changer. Even less favored foods, like certain salads, become irresistibly tasty, and already favored foods ascend to new levels of deliciousness. It acts as a culinary key, unlocking a spectrum of otherwise unattainable flavors and allowing individuals to experience food in an exhilarating way.

Nature's Wild Berry showcases the boundless possibilities of exploring food and flavors. It extends beyond mere taste alteration, potentially encouraging healthier eating habits by making traditionally less palatable, nutritious foods more appealing. It underscores the intersection of innovation and culinary offerings, exemplifying how food can be both nourishing and unexpectedly delightful.

Deux Healthy Cookie Dough

Savoring cookie dough while preparing cookies is undeniably a fun experience, yet this sneaky indulgence can be a bit risky due to the presence of raw ingredients. Deux, pronounced "dough," provides a revolutionary solution. It's a health-infused cookie dough fortified with essential nutrients like vitamin C and zinc.

Crafted to accommodate various dietary needs, Deux cookie dough is not only gluten-free but also vegan, offering a perfect alternative to traditional cookie dough. Although founder Sabrina Ladha didn't secure a deal on "Shark Tank," the brand continues to thrive, delivering a flavorful, fun, and health-supportive product to the market.

Deux offers a range of flavors, including timeless classics like chocolate chip and enticing seasonal options such as Pumpkin Spice, ensuring a tasty variety for every cookie lover. For enthusiasts seeking an ongoing taste adventure, Deux's Flavor of the Month club delivers three flavors to your doorstep monthly, making it a delicious subscription to look forward to.

What's especially fun about Deux is its versatility. Whether you prefer devouring it straight from the jar or baking it into warm, gooey cookies, Deux accommodates every preference. This creation is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a step towards integrating indulgence with nutrition, stretching the limits of what a cookie can do.

Copper Cow Coffee

It's no secret that we love coffee, and we're obsessed with innovative coffee methods and tasty coffees from around the world. Vietnamese coffee, with its unique and robust flavors, is a particular favorite of ours, and Copper Cow Coffee has ingeniously encapsulated this experience in a compact, convenient package.

Copper Cow Coffee's offering includes a coffee filter designed to perch perfectly over your cup, coupled with a package of sweetened condensed milk creamer, elevating your coffee experience to unparalleled heights and making your coffee into a Vietnamese coffee. The sharks were enamored with the rich, indulgent flavor and impeccable packaging. However, after being offered a deal by Robert Herjavec, they ultimately decided against the partnership.

Copper Cow Coffee provides a rather sweet coffee experience, and the beauty lies in its flexibility — you can sweeten your brew to your precise liking. The brand spoils coffee aficionados with various flavors, including Churro, Lavender, and Salted Caramel. We appreciate its commitment to delivering high-quality coffee with unparalleled convenience, requiring no elaborate setups or additional equipment. Essentially, a hot water source and a mug are your only prerequisites. This convenience is a huge win for those constantly moving, making it an ideal companion for travel, outdoor escapades, or simply relaxed mornings at home.

The Pizza Cupcake

We're lovers of innovation that gives a fresh twist to our favorite foods, and creations like The Pizza Cupcake seem to strike just the right cord — and Greiner agreed. A scrumptious spin on frozen pizza, The Pizza Cupcake is a savory snack that is readily available in the frozen section of your local grocery store. For those who prefer doorstep delivery, an online order will promptly deliver flavors like Margherita or Pepperoni straight to you.

We find The Pizza Cupcake to be a modern, fun answer to the nostalgic Bagel Bites, offering a gourmet upgrade. These products are not just a novel snack; they're a celebration of iconic flavors compacted into a convenient package, making them an exciting feature in your appetizer lineup. They encapsulate the essence of what we adore about culinary designs — blending convenience with sophisticated taste, all while paying homage to the timeless charm of familiar favorites. Whether it's a casual snack or a gathering, The Pizza Cupcake, which scored a deal with Greiner, is set to elevate your snacking experience with a burst of flavor and a dash of nostalgia.

Jada's Chicken Salt

Jada's Chicken Salt is an inventive seasoning intended to elevate the flavors of any savory dish. The concoction includes sea salt, a blend of spices, turmeric, onion powder, and garlic powder.

While the brand does offer a foundational recipe, it also caters to diverse palates with variations like a reduced sodium option and several other flavorful takes on the traditional seasoning salt. Chicken Salt was just one of the culinary delights the Jada brand introduced to the "Shark Tank," but it notably stole the spotlight. Despite some initial reservations, the sharks couldn't resist the seasoning's tantalizing taste, leading to a successful deal with Barbara Corcoran.

Jada's Chicken Salt isn't just a testament to experimental seasoning; it's a versatile gem in the culinary world, allowing enthusiasts to explore a myriad of flavors. The availability of this seasoning on Jada's website and Amazon makes it conveniently accessible to those eager to experience this flavor enhancer.

Delighted by Hummus

Hummus makes for a pretty exemplary snack, so the concept of a dessert from Delighted by Hummus presented on "Shark Tank" piqued our interest. The sharks were similarly intrigued by the sweet twist on the classic, with Cuban initially securing a deal. However, the agreement met an unfortunate demise post-show, but even still, we loved this dessert hummus while we could enjoy it. With flavors of decadent desserts like brownies and even seasonal delights like Pumpkin Pie, it was a sweet adventure, transforming our conception of hummus into a sugary spectacle and messing with what we thought hummus was.

This culinary invention seems to have fizzled out towards the end of 2020, with the company's last Facebook post dating back to October of that year. The innovation that blended the savory world of hummus with dessert landscapes has left behind sweet memories in its wake.

Three Jerks Jerky

Jerky is an ideal snack. Its meaty texture offers substance, while its marination brings irresistible flavors. Three Jerks, however, reimagined this classic treat, elevating it into the realm of gourmet snacking. By crafting jerky from filet mignon, Three Jerks Jerky introduced a level of quality and taste to jerky we hadn't experienced before.

This jerky's flavor portfolio, ranging from traditional favorites like Original and Teriyaki, extends into more adventurous realms with exciting combinations like Maple Bourbon Churro and Memphis BBQ. Such distinct offerings, combined with the prime quality of meat used, justify the premium price tag of this brand.

The sharks recognized this marriage of quality and innovation as they enjoyed a luxurious jerky experience, leading to Daymond John striking a deal. Following its appearance on "Shark Tank," the brand saw a surge in demand. It seemed the public, much like the sharks, was smitten with the exquisite taste of this premium jerky. And once you've indulged in a bite, it's immediately evident why Three Jerks managed to carve a niche in this tasty snack category.

Sienna Sauce

When Tyla-Simone Crayton took the stage along with her mother, Monique, on "Shark Tank," she didn't just present Sienna Sauce; she brought with her an infectious passion and incredible story. Their background and the taste of the sauce captivated the sharks, leading to a proposed deal with Kendra Scott. As of August 2023, as the deal remained in the pipeline, there's no denying the impact of their appearance. A staggering $300,000 in sales within 24 hours post-show speaks volumes about the sauce's appeal.

Available in sizes ranging from handy packs to substantial gallons, the sauce caters to individual kitchens and bustling restaurants. Its versatility and unique flavors have paved the way for its availability in renowned stores like World Market. For devout fans, Sienna Sauce merchandise is a fun accessory, allowing fans to wear their love for Crayton's creation.

The journey of Crayton's business, originating from the humble confines of her kitchen, has been nothing short of remarkable. The sauce, a testament to her culinary skills and entrepreneurial spirit, is spicing meals across homes and eateries.

Rule Breaker Snacks

We very much enjoy treats that cater to diverse palettes, and Rule Breaker stands out as one such delightful find. Crafted meticulously, these cookies are a medley of plant-based ingredients, which avoid common allergens like peanuts, making them a near-universal treat.

For discerning parents searching for inclusive treats for their children's lunch boxes, Rule Breaker is a fabulous choice that your child can safely bring to school without endangering kiddos with peanut allergies. Rule Breaker not only embraces inclusivity but also refuses to compromise on taste. The sharks, too, found themselves loving these treats, though, surprisingly, they chose not to invest.

Luckily, the absence of a shark deal hasn't dimmed Rule Breaker's appeal. The diverse array of delectable options, ranging from Birthday Cake Blondies to P'nut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies, continue to draw in new fans. The brand witnessed an overwhelming response after its "Shark Tank" feature, registering a month's worth of purchases in a single night.


Pork rinds are a snack so irresistible that even those looking to avoid meat products sometimes struggle to stay away. Even still, due to the inherent use of pork, these snacks typically remain off the menu for those adhering to vegetarian or pork-free diets. Enter another "Shark Tank" snack favorite, Snacklins: A revolutionary snack that recreates the essence of a pork rind using a blend of mushrooms, yuca, and onions. This plant-based alternative makes the crunchy indulgence accessible to a broader audience.

Snacklins are available in select grocery stores, offering a symphony of flavors like Barbecue, Chesapeake Bay, Cinnamon Churro, Nacho, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Teriyaki. Each flavor offers a varied and exciting taste experience, ensuring that anyone looking for a salty, crunchy snack will find something tasty.

Cuban, charmed by the product's deliciousness, chose to invest in the business. Cuban's involvement underscores his belief in the potential of this groundbreaking snack. His commitment is not just financial; it's a commitment to propelling Snacklins into a near-household name in the world of plant-based snacking.

Mama O's

Kimchi Paste might not hold a regular spot in every kitchen pantry, but it packs a nutritious punch, brimming with the benefits of natural fermentation and rich in probiotics. Originating from Mama O's cherished authentic recipe, this kimchi brings a burst of flavors, intertwined with a hint of spice in certain varieties, to the table.

While its taste resonated with sharks, they decided to pass on offering a deal. Despite this, those intrigued by its unique blend of flavors and health benefits can find it on Amazon. However, it's noteworthy that the company's strategy leans more towards making its presence felt in stores, favoring physical retail over online avenues.

Mama O's Kimchi Paste introduces more households to the vibrant world of fermented foods. It's not merely a condiment; it's a celebration of culinary diversity and the nutritional richness inherent in traditional recipes. Its nuanced spice levels cater to varied palates, ensuring everyone can experience the joy of adding a little zest to their meals.


Jennifer and Jeff Martin showcased their sweet miniature popcorn company, Pipcorn, to the sharks, capturing the interest of Corcoran and successfully securing a deal. The intent was to take a snack so many love, popcorn, and bring some new interest to it, and they certainly succeeded. Following the episode's airing, Pipcorn experienced a significant surge in sales that initially overwhelmed the operations. However, this boost provided a springboard for brand expansion and product diversification.

Since Pipcorn's "Shark Tank" debut, the brand has meticulously cultivated its miniature popcorn line, introducing intriguing flavors like Spicy Cheddar infused with Tabasco sauce. The miniature size of the popcorn not only makes it easier to digest but also elevates this classic snack to a gourmet experience. In addition to online availability, the expanded reach of the brand has placed it on the shelves of numerous stores nationwide, including Target and CVS, allowing snack enthusiasts to easily grab a pack of this upgraded popcorn experience.

Nuts 'n More

We love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and with a brand like Nuts 'n More, you can make this already delicious sandwich work even harder. Available in a medley of sweet flavors such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookie Butter, and Pumpkin Pie, among many others, this brand also caters to diverse dietary needs by offering almond butter for those with peanut restrictions.

These nut butters stand out for their high protein content and lower sugar levels than conventional peanut butters, making them a tasty alternative. While the sharks were initially hesitant due to Nuts 'n More's substantial valuation, the strategic investment from Cuban and Herjavec significantly propelled the company forward, enhancing its market presence.

Beyond its enticing range of flavors, Nuts 'n More presents a fusion of taste and nutrition, adding a wholesome twist to a timeless favorite. It's not just about indulgence; it's about enriching the culinary experience with added nutritional value, ensuring every spoonful is a blend of protein and flavor.