Ginger And Mint Are The Complex Flavors That Take Cod To The Next Level

Due to its mild, delicate taste, cod is often accompanied by herbs, soft spices, and a splash of lemon juice to brighten things up. Since it doesn't have the loudest taste, it often takes the backseat to more dominant flavors on the plate. Our recipe developer Jennine Rye shows how bold aromatics like ginger and mint bring cod to the forefront.

In her recipe for Baked Ginger and Mint Cod, she details how the delicate fish is the perfect palate for experimenting with more complex tastes. "While the flavor of cod is mild, it does, however, pair really well with strong sauces and marinades, especially those that are infused with lots of herbs and aromatics," notes Rye. When seasoning a mild fish such as cod, vivid spices and aromatics like garlic, cardamom, or cumin often act as complementary spices, bolstering humble herbs such as thyme or marjoram.

However, Rye uses cilantro, lime juice, chili, and cumin to dial things up, infusing the fish with an extra layer of spice. With both ginger and mint as the primary flavors, eating the cod is transformed into an experience. The cooling, zesty taste of mint cuts through ginger's rich, enveloping heat, creating a sensation you'll want to feel again and again.

What should you eat ginger and mint cod with?

Choose what to pair ginger and mint cod with by looking at cuisines that use the aromatics frequently. Thai cuisine relies on bold, fragrant spices, with ginger and mint being no exception. Finish off vegetable coconut curry and jasmine rice with the spicy cod. The coconut milk provides sweet relief to ginger and mint's spicy nuances, creating a delicious tropical flavor.

Although mint is used more frequently than ginger in the Mediterranean diet, the warm aromatic adds a fiery kick to dishes. Enjoy the fish with an herby tabouli salad, giving the already minty dish an additional cooling sensation. Mix in pomegranate seeds, another Mediterranean staple, for a sweet, acidic addition.

If you want your ginger and mint cod to be on the subtle side, place them in the pot with your fish so they can poach next to one another. As the ginger and mint infuse the poaching liquid, the fish absorbs it, taking on a subtle, spicy flavor.