Don't Underestimate The Power Of Microgreens When It Comes To Plating

From pea shoots to sunflower microgreens, containers of small-leafed vegetables and vibrant herbs come packed with not only nutritional benefits but also aesthetic appeal. Though these tiny versions of greenery may look negligible, strategically placed shoots and carefully added leaves can bring an earthy and mighty decorative touch to plated dishes and finished foods. Plus, with so many different varieties, microgreens offer a world of possibilities to choose from when you're looking to add complementary colors and interesting textures to your meals. 

Simply snip off a handful of the microgreens of your choosing and sprinkle them on top of a plated dish, or lay pieces in a circular fashion along the outside of your plate. Because microgreens are delicate, handle them gently and get them onto dishes with little fanfare. With little effort, your dishes can rival that of a Michelin-starred menu, and your easily assembled presentation will impress all of your dinner guests.

An easy trick for elevated presentations

Though microgreens can be a bit pricey to purchase, you can grow your own at home. The taste of these delicate greens can vary, so it's best to consider the overall flavor profile of your dishes and match them with fresh, nutty, zesty, woodsy, or more peppery microgreens to highlight the ingredients in your recipes. You can find green microgreens like pea, arugula, and sunflower; red microgreens like amaranth, beetroot, red pak choi, and red radish; and even yellow touches in the form of corn, onion, yellow beet, and daikon radish microgreens.

You can either sprinkle chopped leaves on top of your dishes or intricately place them in strategic locations. Alternatively, leave containers of microgreens on the counter with scissors nearby for guests to help themselves at grazing tables or on DIY chili, taco, and salad bars. Whether stews, sandwiches, or main dishes, a few extra shoots of colorful microgreens can elevate your meals and impress the guests sitting around the dining room table.