The Microwave Hack That'll Ripen Your Avocados In A Flash

If you've got guacamole on the brain, it can be tough waiting two to three business days for your hard avocados to ripen. You could heat your fruit in the oven for 20 minutes, but even this hack takes more time than making the rest of your guac. Luckily, there's an even quicker way to get a soft avocado, and it involves our favorite speedy appliance: the microwave.

This method takes less than 3 minutes, and it will turn your rock-hard fruit into flesh that's easily mashable. The microwave essentially cooks its meat, which makes it softer and more tender. Plus, you'll be wrapping it in plastic wrap before you nuke it. The fruits ripen because of a gas they produce called ethylene, which traps the ethylene closer to the fruit to speed up the softening process. 

Just keep in mind that although this hack is a quick way to a tender avocado, it will cost you a little to cut corners. Microwaving the fruits may cause them to lose a little of the buttery flavor and consistency we're used to. And as is common when nuking food, the texture may be a little inconsistent, with some parts ending up softer than others. If you're mashing up your avocados to add to guac or toast, however, it shouldn't be an issue.

Microwave your way to speedy guacamole

Start by cutting your avocado in half and throwing away the pit — but don't peel the halves just yet. Wrap them in microwave-safe plastic wrap and nuke them for 30-second intervals, checking in between to see if they have achieved the desired level of softness. If they are nearing the consistency you're looking for, you can adjust this process slightly by microwaving for only 15 seconds at the next interval to avoid an overly mushy fruit. Don't be alarmed if your kitchen starts to smell like cooked avocado — an unavoidable but harmless result of this method.

When your nice, soft fruit emerges from the microwave, you can unwrap the halves, peel them, and begin using them immediately. However, they'll be pretty hot to the touch and may even continue cooking once out in the open. To cool them down, place your avocado halves in the fridge for a few minutes before peeling — or, if you don't want to wait, run them under cold water before removing the plastic wrap. You may not end up with naturally ripened fruit, but you will get soft avocado flesh in a flash.